Hollywood stars keeping out of Harry & Meghan drama

They have ditched them
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After fleeing the UK to set up their new home in LA in 2020, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex found themselves the toast of Tinseltown. But just a few short years later, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been pushed firmly down to the C-list following their repeated attacks on the monarchy.

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“In London, [Harry] only needed to click his fingers and people would line up to invite him to their upscale bashes,” a source told a US publication. “But that’s just not happened for him and Meghan – and that’s a real kick in the teeth.”

When the pair were newlyweds, they had bona-fide power couples like George and Amal Clooney and Barack and Michelle Obama beating down their door.

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However, their old pals have ditched the pair after they spilled Windsor family secrets in their six-part Netflix docuseries.

Usually at the centre of the drama, even Oprah Winfrey didn’t want to appear on their dramatic show to defend the couple.

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And according to reports, stars including Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston and even Brad Pitt are choosing not to get too friendly with the Sussexes.

“The big A-listers are seeing the Sussexes as reality TV-type fodder now.”

Nowhere was their fall from grace more evident than when Meghan tried to line up a star-studded guest list for her Archetypes podcast series. While Meghan, 41, was desperate to discuss being labelled a “bimbo” with Legally Blonde star Reese Witherspoon, the actress put her friendship with the Princess of Wales first and apparently refused to appear.

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The former Suits star also upset Lucy Liu by labelling her a “dragon lady” in Kill Bill and saying her character helped to portray negative stereotypes against Asian women.

“Kill Bill features three other female professional killers in addition to Ishii. Why not call Uma Thurman, Vivica A. Fox or Daryl Hannah a ‘dragon lady’?” Lucy has said.

Meghan even embarrassed Mariah Carey on the podcast by refusing to accept the singer’s compliment that she was a “diva” when they were supposed to be celebrating the word.

“That’s not true, that’s not … why would you say that?” Meghan responded.

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Meanwhile, other stars have made it clear that they’re firmly taking the side of the British royal family.

After queuing for hours to pay his respects to the late Queen while she laid in state in London, David Beckham jetted off to Boston to support Prince William and Kate at their Earthshot Prize Awards.

“We’ve done a lot of functions together,” David says of his friendship with William. “It’s a very normal relationship.”

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Ryan Reynolds was “impossibly excited” to meet King Charles on a visit to his soccer club in Wrexham recently. Charles is even giving his estragned son a run for his money by appearing on Ryan’s Disney+ reality show, Welcome to Wrexham.

“It’s really got Harry rattled,” adds the source.

‘A-listers see them as reality TV fodder’ Harry has gone from hero to zero following his move to LA. Ryan Reynolds was “excited” to meet the King recently.

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