Meet Kate Middleton’s controversial uncle Gary Goldsmith

He's currently starring on Celebrity Big Brother in the UK.
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Kate Middleton’s uncle Gary Goldsmith has joined the colourful cast of Celebrity Big Brother in the United Kingdom. 

The 58-year-old is the younger brother of Carole Middleton and has long found himself in the headlines due to his comments regarding the royal family.

WATCH NOW: Gary Goldsmith arrives at Pippa Middleton’s wedding. Article continues after video.

Whilst he has only spoken favourably about his niece, he has taken previously taken public aim at several other royals, most notably, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex

He has also been at the centre of numerous scandals over the years, some of which have led to legal proceedings

Garry has been described as the “black sheep” of the Middleton family. (Credit: Getty)

His appearance on Big Brother is sure to prompt fears of embarrassment from the royal family, who reportedly have not given him their blessing to make an appearance on the show.

Reports have indicated however that Gary will likely not go into detail about Kate, especially in regards to her health. It is also highly like that the reality star isn’t privy to his niece’s condition, considering his history for being indiscreet.

Gary isn’t the first extended member of the royal family to sign up for reality television with Mike Tindall joining the cast of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! in 2022.

In 2017, Gary found himself the centre of a legal dispute. (Credit: Getty)

Much like his older sister and brother-in-law Carole and Michael, Gary is a self-made millionaire thanks to his IT recruitment business Computer Futures. 

In 2014, he co-founded RDLC Pirates which he has referred to as “the world’s largest, most positively impactful, and still fastest growing network for aspiring Recruitment Business Leaders.”

Whilst his exact net worth is unclear, he was at one point reportedly worth £30 million.

The entreprenuer has been married to Julie-Anne Brown since 2012. (Credit: Getty)

The entrepreneur has also been married four times. 

Firstly to sales executive Miranda Foote in 1993 where his nieces Kate and Pippa were bridesmaids, then in 1997 to Luan whom he shares daughter Tallulah with, and then for a third time to Julia Leake whom he also divorced. 

Gary is currently married to Julie-Anne Brown, whom he wed in 2012. 

Tallulah made a rare appearance with her father at the May 2017 wedding of Pippa Middleton to James Matthews. 

Whilst the father-daughter duo were at the ceremony, they were not invited to the wedding reception at Bucklebury Manor, a telling sign that relations between Gary and the rest of the Middleton family are strained.

Gary attended the wedding of niece Pippa with daughter Talullah in 2017. (Credit: Getty)

Whilst over the years, the Middletons have distanced themselves from Gary, who has been described as the “black sheep” of the family by insider sources, he has often shared his praise for his royal in-laws. 

“She is this confident, clever, caring girl who has taken her responsibilities in marriage and job incredibly seriously. I think everyone thinks she’s sincere, in love, and doing her job to the best of her ability,” he gushed of Kate in a 2013 interview with HELLO!

In the same interview, he referred to his niece as “brilliant” and someone who “works really hard at everything.”

Arriving at the wedding of Catherine Middleton and Prince William in 2011. (Credit: Getty)

Two years prior at the fairtyale wedding of the future King and Queen of England, Gary made it clear to ITV just how proud he was of his niece. 

“We come from really humble stock. My father was a painter and decorator, mum was an accounts clerk and their eldest granddaughter was at Westminster Abbey about to marry the future king of this country,” he lamented at the time.

Arriving in the Big Brother house. (Credit: ITV)

What has Gary Goldsmith said about the royal family on Celebrity Big Brother UK?

After arriving at the Big Brother house, Gary explained that it was difficult to get in touch with Kate “at the best of times” but he loved how she put her family first. 

He also described the Prince and Princess of Wales as the “saviour[s] of the royal family” and Kate as “simply perfect.”

When quizzed on the current health status of the Princess of Wales by his fellow housemates, Gary did the royal family proud, revealing that he wouldn’t be breaking the “code of etiquette” and would maintain her privacy.

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