Revealed: Diana’s most heartbreaking secret about Prince Charles

It's the sad story that explains everything

Princess Diana’s ‘fairy tale‘ marriage to Prince Charles was famously troubled, but it’s been revealed the royal couple truly hit rock bottom on what should have been one of their happiest days – when Prince Harry was born. This came after revelations that the Prince of Wales had ‘never wanted to marry Diana’, as he had always loved Camilla Parker Bowles


According to British TV documentary The Royal Family at War, Lady Diana was devastated by Charles’ reaction to their second son’s arrival.

Diana’s famously loose-lipped ex-butler, Paul Burrell, told the documentary, ‘Diana said to me, “The night Harry was born, I cried myself to sleep”.

After the birth, Prince Charles came to inspect the baby, where he complained about ‘its red hair’, Burrell tattled.

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With a shocked Princess of Wales responding, ‘But Charles, that’s the Spencer gene,’ Charles reportedly replied, ‘Well, at least I’ve got my heir and spare – and now I’m off out to the theatre.’

Things really hit rock bottom for the royal couple when Diana returned home with Harry, with Charles allegedly snubbing his wife. According to royal author Katie Nicholl, ‘Diana was devastated when, upon returning home to Kensington Palace, Charles sped off in his Aston Martin to play polo in Windsor Great Park.’

Diana reportedly said of the sad incident: ‘Something inside of me died,’ and despite the extramarital affairs, it was the future King of England’s reception of a young Harry that marked the end of the couple’s marriage.

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