EXCLUSIVE: “The writing’s on the wall”: Charles will “pass the crown to William” body langu

Royal body language expert is sure he’ll abdicate
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King Charles III has been groomed for the throne since he was born. 

He waited 73 years for this moment, and yet some experts think he might not keep the crown for very long. 

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Body language and behaviour expert, Dr Louise Mahler, watched Charles’ most recent speech. In an exclusive chat with New Idea, she said it suggests The King isn’t thrilled in his new role.

“Charles always wanted the job. Now he’s got the job. He seems angry,” Dr Mahler said. 

“I was a little bit surprised at the language, which was quite ostracising. It was about him and his family and it was about ‘you’ people. What was missing was the word ‘us’.”

Charles is under enormous pressure
Body language and behaviour expert Dr Louise Mahler suggests that the King isn’t thrilled in his new role. (Credit: Getty)

“I think ‘us’ would have worked much better than our family versus you. Which was a very strong message from him… and gave me an inkling of the fact that maybe he’s feeling very uncomfortable in the new role.”

Obviously, Charles is under enormous stress at the moment. The new King has just lost his mother and now he has the pressure of the entire commonwealth on his shoulders. However, his recent outbursts at staff aren’t going to garner much love from his subjects. 

“That stress has shown in two incidents where he’s been angry with his staff for certain pens and ink and [their] placement on the table, and he’s gone ‘get that off!’” Dr Mahler said.

“The Queen never would have done that, never. Why? Because it undermines trust.”

Dr Mahler is certain this stress will overwhelm Charles who will be faced with no choice but to step down not long after his ascension.

Will William be King soon?
Will William be King soon? (Credit: Getty)

“When he said, ‘my life will change’ he did a huge gulp and then his body wriggled. It gave every indication that it’s just all too much…at [his] age,” she said.

“I think that he will take on the role. It was not ever going to be an option that he couldn’t take on the role. And then I think quite soon he’ll say, ‘Look, I’m not well enough to continue’ and he’ll pass it to William.”

It’s not a new theory, there have been concerns over Charles’ age and the fact that William is a much more popular royal for years. There were even suspicions The Queen had been training William in secret. 

We will have to wait and see but, as Dr Mahler said, “the writings on the wall.”

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