Camilla’s ‘vicious outburst’ to Charles: What she doesn’t want the world to know

The past once again comes back to haunt the Duchess
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Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, has worked hard on trying to forge a far softer public image since her marriage to Prince Charles, leading to claims she is ‘now quite popular and will become queen’.

But it seems the onetime ‘other woman’ in her husband’s former marriage to the late Princess Diana can’t bury her controversial past.

A lurid report in UK newspaper Express has unearthed sordid details of the Duchess’ alleged behaviour around the late Princess.

Dredging up author Simone Simmons’s long forgotten book, Diana: The Last Word, the paper claims Camilla once referred to Diana as ‘that mad cow’ and proceeded to make accusations about the tormented royal’s own extra-marital love life.

Camilla has her eyes on the crown…

Claims in another book, Rebel Prince: The Power, Passion and Defiance of Prince Charles by Tom Bower, have also today been given a new airing – including the allegation that Camilla told Charles and their mutual friends that Di had ‘little right to complain about her affair with Charles, since she had been “working her way through the lifeguards”’.

Camilla, who was recently the subject of an authorised UK TV documentary that sought to reframe her as a friendlier figure, will not be thrilled by the renewed emphasis on the past.

Reportedly keen to one day be crowned queen, Camilla has long wished to put her controversial past behind her – enlisting her husband and famous friends in the recent film, The Real Camilla: HRH the Duchess of Cornwall, to paint a far rosier picture. The likes of Joanna Lumley and Gillian Anderson were lined up to gush about the royal – but no one was more full of praise than the heir to the throne. 

‘She’s the best listener in town,’ Charles raved in the documentary, ’She can get anything out of anybody.’ 

But while Di may be long gone, Camilla’s fraught reputation lives on – with the royal now said to be feuding with Meghan Markle…

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