Camilla’s shocking fate when Charles becomes King

It's not looking good for the Duchess
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As Charles edges closer and closer to finally snatching the Crown from his mother, royal fans are waiting with bated breath to see how his contentious wife Camilla will fit in as Princess consort.

But despite the fancy title reportedly created just for the Duchess, her role will not be as glamorous as it seems.  

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According to a report from Express, a royal expert has suggested that, upon Charles becoming ascending to the throne, Camilla might not be so quick to flaunt her fancy new promotion.

Camilla Parker-Bowles
Apparently, rather than becoming Queen Consort when Charles gains the crown, Camilla (pictured) will be granted the title of Princess Consort. (Credit: Getty)

“I think she will be very careful to stay in the background,” royal author Clive Irving told the publication.

The author went on to explain that the Duchess’ murky history with the royal family might be an incentive for the Princess Consort to tread lightly around the palace.

“Camilla’s problem is the whole history of the relationship and the fact that she was seen as the Diana destroyer.

Apparently even the Queen may have jumped on the anti-Camilla bandwagon.

Prince Charles
72-year-old Charles (pictured) is next in line to be King. (Credit: Getty)

“I think the Queen at one point very much saw her in that light,” Clive said.

“She was very distressed about Camilla being the one who was undermining the marriage of the Waleses.”

Considering the Duchess is yet to receive the stamp of approval from her mother-in-law, it’s no surprise that experts are speculating that she will remain firmly in Charles’ shadows.

Though, the 73-year-old may not even have to fret about the scrutiny that comes with her royal promotion, as the title may never be hers.

William and Kate
Word around the palace is that the crown may completely bypass Charles and be handed to the Queen’s grandson, Prince William (right) instead, making Duchess Kate (left) Queen Consort. (Credit: Getty)

According to a royal insider, there has been talk around the palace of the top job completing bypassing Charles and being handed straight to his son, William.

And, apparently, despite planning on taking a backseat role to the King, Camilla still wants a taste of the crown.

Speaking to In Touch, the source revealed, “William would become king – and Kate queen. Camilla isn’t pleased about that, and she let Kate know it. It’s chaos at the palaces.”

The insider went on to reveal that the Duchess is “humiliated and furious at the snub,” claiming “Camilla is secretly determined to fill Elizabeth’s royal shoes as queen. And ‘Princess Perfect’ Kate is Camilla’s biggest threat.”

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