Revealed: How Camilla caused a rift between Charles and his friends

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Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Charles recently celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary.


But, when they first got together the couple received a frosty reception from the public.

And now, Royal Biographer, Penny Junor, claims that their relationship caused tensions between Charles and his oldest friends, the van Custem family.

In her book “The Duchess: the Untold Story”, Penny claims that the van Custems, snubbed Camilla at Edward van Custem’s wedding, leaving Charles fuming.

Charles and camilla
Penny claims the van Custem’s snubbed Camilla. (Credit: Getty Images)

“Charles and Camilla were both invited, as was the Queen,” writes Penny.

“However, both the bride’s and the groom’s families felt that because Charles and Camilla were not married, according to protocol they should not sit together for the ceremony. 

“Had this been a formal occasion, that would have been correct. The wedding though was a private occasion and the plan to seat Camilla several rows behind Charles was a snub. 

“The Prince was furious and boycotted the wedding entirely.”

van custem
Charles snubbed Edward’s wedding. (Credit: Getty Images)

Charles has been friends with Hugh van Custem Snr since his days at Cambridge, and his sons William and Nicholas van Custem are good friends with Charles sons Prince William and Prince Harry.

In fact they are even godparents to William’s sons Prince George and Prince Louis.

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