Duchess Camilla faces her fear of needles to support the fight against COVID

Camilla takes a jab for the team.
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Camilla Parker-Bowles faced her fear of needles when she visited a vaccine clinic to show her support for the medical workers and volunteers.

WATCH BELOW: The Duchess of Cornwall Camilla faces fear of needles.

Last month, she publicly announced that she has a long and substantial fear of needles that she was forced to overcome when she received her vaccination in January.

The Daily Mail reported that after the clinic’s doctor Russell Hearn explained to the Duchess that the Pfizer vaccines must be diluted and mixed before they’re administered, she expressed her surprise to find out the process is more complicated than she suspected.

“Oh, there’s going to be six! Goodness, it looks tiny. I always thought you got a whole one,” Camilla responded, referring to the multi-dose vial.

Camilla looking nervous around needles. (Credit: Getty)

A series of Tweets posted by a Daily Mail UK journalist, Rebecca English, documented Camilla’s ordeal and commented on her bravery.

“When she (Camilla) spied a staff member standing next to her with a needle she visibly jumped, but she was reassured it wasn’t going anywhere hear her today,” reported Rebecca.

It was also reported that Camilla called the medical team “stars” for their thankless work vaccinating 500-600 people in a day’s work.

She really wasn’t so sure about this needly situation. (Credit: Getty)

A couple of fans commented on the Tweet to offer Camilla support in the wake of her run in with scary needles.

One fan wrote commented, “Good for her! I have the same phobia,” meanwhile another added: “I love how this video humanises her and helps others with the phobia.”

In another video posted by the publication, Camilla said to two volunteers how impressed she was by their work and thanked them for holding the country together.

“I never cease to be impressed by the work everyone is doing.” (Credit: Getty)

“I have been around quite a few vaccination centres and I never cease to be impressed by the work everyone is doing,” Camilla said.

“The vaccinators and volunteers are the backbone of this country, we would crumble without them.”

Camilla and her husband Prince Charles received their COVID vaccine in February of this year, months after Charles overcame the virus in 2020.

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