Camilla’s plastic surgery to please angry Prince Charles

The duchess is given an ultimatum - 'get surgery or the marriage is over!'

An outrageous report by The National Enquirer has today alleged that Prince Charles has demanded his ‘prune-faced’ wife Camilla undergo a plastic surgery makeover to save their marriage. 

The publication’s shocking report reveals that the Duchess of Cornwall plans to spend a whopping $100,000 on a cosmetic overhaul to compete with her glamorous daughters-in-law.

‘Charles looks at Prince William’s beautiful wife, Kate, and Prince Harry’s bride-to-be, Meghan Markle, and he’s consumed with jealousy!’ a royal insider spills to the Enquirer. ‘He’s given Camilla an ultimatum: Go under the knife or the marriage is over!’ 

Charles is becoming increasingly jealous of his son's beautiful partners
Charles is becoming increasingly jealous of his son’s beautiful partners (Credit: Getty)

According to the well-placed source, Camilla is planning a head-to-toe makeover to make Charles fall in love with her all over again. 

Sources explosively revealed that the duchess’ makeover wish-list starts with a $30,000 face, brow and neck lift, followed by a breast lift. It’s added that Camilla plans to undergo a tummy and thigh liposuction, valued at $20,000.


‘She’s vowed to turn herself back into the woman of Charles’ dreams!’ a source tells.

The royal family is yet to respond to the National Enquirer’s wild report. 

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