Bizarre secret about the Queen’s baths revealed

Can you guess what it is?
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There is nothing better than running yourself a hot bath and reading a good book to unwind and it appears that the Queen is also a fan of a bath – in fact, she has one every morning.

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But, the Queen’s bath isn’t like your regular bath – she is said to like her baths to be exactly seven inches deep.

Yep, Her Majesty reportedly has a staff member run her a bath every morning at 8am and they will even measure the water to ensure that is precisely the right depth.

“Her maid will go into the adjoining bathroom to draw the bath, which has to be exactly the right temperature: tested with a wooden-cased thermometer, and no more than seven inches of water,” royal correspondent Brian Hoey wrote on Daily Mail.

We guess she has never had the problem of forgetting the water is running and overfilling the tub!

The Queen
The Queen likes her bath a particular depth. (Credit: Getty Images)

While the Queen is in the tub, Brian reveals that one of her dressers, who is overseen by her dressmaker Angela Kelly – will lay out her outfit in the dressing room.

“Mrs Kelly knows exactly what is needed, as she is given the Queen’s daily programme the evening before,” Brian adds.

“Depending on the day’s engagements, the Queen may have to change as many as five times.”

Angela Kelly
Angela Kelly has worked for the Queen for many years. (Credit: Getty Images)

After she is dressed and pampered the Queen is ready for her day carrying out her duties and responsibilities.

What do you think of Her Majesty’s morning routine?

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