Chrissie Swan’s Christmas decorated Chocolate Ripple Cake recipe

"The greatest and easiest cake on the planet."

Chrissie Swan has been praised on social media after posting the recipe to a Christmas Chocolate Ripple Cake using just three ingredients. 

I won’t SLEEP until we’ve ALL experienced the magic of the CHOCOLATE RIPPLE CAKE!” she said on Instagram.

TIP: To decorate, smash a peppermint flavoured chocolate such as Aero or Peppermint Crisp, while in the packet, and then sprinkle the crushed chocolate over the top of the log. When slicing, make sure to slice diagonally to show the stripes of chocolate ripple when serving. 




Add the thickened cream and a generous squirt of Queen vanilla pasta into a bowl and whip until very thick.


Spread the whipped cream onto a large sheet of alfoil as the base, using a silicone spatula. Then, using the same spatula, spread whipped cream on a chocolate ripple cookie and sandwich the cream with another cookie. Sit the sandwiched cookie upright on the whipped cream that has been spread across the alfoil.


Add whipped cream to a new cookie and add this to sandwich the cookie already on the alfoil. Continue this process to build a log.


Spread the cream all over the log to cover the cookies completely and then put it in the fridge overnight to harden.

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