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The never-seen-before detail you have may have missed on Married At First Sight

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The bride and groom logo on Married At First Sight has become so synonymous with the show, but the producers made one significant change during the first wedding featuring two women that you’d be forgiven for missing.

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When Amanda and Tash walked down the aisle in the experiment’s history, the logo was updated to celebrate them.

MAFS graphic
(Credit: Twitter)
MAFS Tash Amanda wedding
(Credit: Channel Nine)

Gone was the bride and groom image and the graphic was replaced by two female figures in dresses holding hands.

“The same-sex couple silhouette featured throughout Episode 2 of Season 7 at the close of segments as well as next to Tash and Amanda’s names when they appeared on screen,” Nine said.

“It’s a fun little detail you may have missed!”

“Australian TV has actually come a long way,” tweeted one follower.

“This would not and could not have happened 15 years ago.”

(Credit: Channel Nine)
(Credit: Nine)

It’s the hit reality show’s first same-sex couple since marriage equality laws were passed in Australia. 

“It’s really something to celebrate and long overdue,” says the show’s dating and relationships expert, Mel Schilling, with psychologist John Aitken adding that it is “perhaps most important match of the entire experiment”.

“My sexuality doesn’t exclude me from wanting a traditional marriage,” explains 31-year-old Tash, who describes herself as “grossly romantic”.

“I’ve never pictured my wedding day in the past. There hasn’t been that opportunity for gay people, so it’s been sort of kicked to the side for me. But I’m excited for the possibilities that this experiment is bringing.”

MAFS Amanda
(Credit: Channel Nine)
MAFS Tash and Amanda
(Credit: Channel Nine)

For Amanda, who says she’s struggled for a sense of belonging since she was a child, the day is monumental.

“I didn’t know where I fit in society. Gay marriage wasn’t a thing up until recently in Australia,” the 34-year-old shares, admitting that the belief she would never have that for herself did cause her some resentment in the past.

MAFS Tash Amanda kiss
(Credit: Channel Nine)

Though Tash and Amanda are the first same-sex pairing since gay marriage was legalised in Australia, they aren’t the show’s first gay couple. 

MAFS‘ first-ever same-sex partners – Craig Roach and Andy John – appeared on the show in 2016, before the marriage laws had changed.

The boys’ casting did cause dismay within sections of the gay community at the time, who felt the TV show trivialised gay marriage by featuring the wedding of a couple who don’t know each other – while the fight for marriage equality for real-life, long-term partners continued to rage around the country. 

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