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The Masked Singer scandal: ‘Faked moments exposed’

The hit show comes under increased scrutiny
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It’s the most talked-about show on TV right now, but it seems that what you see on The Masked Singer is not entirely real – with the exposure of apparently ‘faked’ scenes raising plenty of eyebrows today.

The show’s big reveals of who is behind the masks have proved a major talking point, with the celebrity revelations shown amid scenes of dramatic clapping and cheering and shocked facial reactions from the studio audience. But what you are seeing is not what really happened – because it has been confirmed that all audience members are removed from the studio before the celebrities are revealed.

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The reaction shots of amazed faces and frenzied excitement have nothing to do with what viewers are seeing on screen, and were filmed at another time.

Host Osher Günsberg confessed to that none of the reveals are recorded in front of audiences, despite what viewers of the Channel Ten show are made to believe through editing.

‘There were maybe only eight people in the room when it happened. No one who wasn’t supposed to be there was there,’ he said. ‘In the control room, they basically hit record on the machines and walked out. We didn’t even have a photographer!

‘Every entrance and exit was guarded by security… we protected it really well and I’m really proud of how we did,’ he said.

Despite the extreme precautions, the show has been plagued by speculation and possible leaks.

Masked Singer

Dannii Minogue guessed on Tuesday that the Rhino character was former Carlton football star Brendan Fevola, and we have now had seeming confirmation from none other than the man himself that she was correct.

Speaking on the Fifi, Fev and Byron radio show, the footy icon let slip as he was grilled over whether he was the man behind the mask.

‘Obviously Dannii’s seen my moves on Dancing with the Stars and knows that I move really well. I can’t say too much,’ Brendan teased, amid suggestions he was the horny beast.

Added Fifi Box: ‘You got smashed on socials. Everyone thinks it’s you!’ 

It was then that he all but confirmed the truth.

‘I had so many people texting me, texting Alex and we couldn’t really write back because we’re under secrecy,’ Brendan said.

Masked Singer
(Credit: Channel 10)

Fifi immediately picked up on the slip, noting, ‘You’re only under secrecy if it is you. So what are you trying to say?’

While the official stance from Channel 10 is that the artists behind the costumes are singing live, fans aren’t entirely convinced.

Viewers have taken to Twitter to voice their suspicions.

“So im confused – how is this live?” wrote one user, followed by another, who said, “Hey #MaskedSingerAU, why give mics when they’re masked, they’re surely not singing live then?!”

Others were more disgruntled at the possibility of The Masked Singer being a farce.

“Everyone knows that no one in singing live on this sh*t right? Literally the worst show on TV,” said one user.

However, judge Jackie O Henderson is adamant that they are singing live.

“I’ve seen a set malfunction happen and something fell on one of the singers and the singing stopped straight away,” Jackie told The Advertiser. “They are singing live – 100 per cent fact.”

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