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The Block’s Sara: The shocking truth about that fight

"I'm the villain and I don't care"

We’re only one week into the new series of The Block and contestants are already at breaking point!

At the centre of the drama are newlyweds Sara and Hayden.

This week, the pair get into a heated altercation when Kerrie and Spence charge them for delays experienced in their bathroom.


Channel Nine
(Credit: Channel Nine)
Channel Nine
(Credit: Channel Nine)

Hayden and Sara then decide to charge Victorian team Carla and Bianca, who refuse to pay.

‘This altercation had a flow-on effect, because Keith and Dan started attacking me,’ Sara says. ‘They approached me with an aggressive tone and accused me of creating a ruckus.’

However, Sara reveals to New Idea she’s not too concerned about how the other contestants see her.

‘I always said I was going to come in and be 100 per cent myself,’ Sara says. ‘I’ll probably be perceived as the evil villain, but who gives a crap, really?’

When Hayden and Sara aren’t butting heads with the other contestants, they’re bickering with each other!

new idea

‘There were a couple of times during filming that Hayden threatened to divorce me, but I won’t give him the satisfaction!’ Sara jokes.

‘He’s not rich enough for me to take him for everything.’

Something tells us this drama is just the start for the fiery couple.

For the full story see this weeks issue of New Idea, on sale now. 

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