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The Block’s Sara storms out: I quit!

The fiery blockhead cracks it.

She’s been struggling to cope ever since she stepped foot on The Block with husband Hayden. Now, New Idea can reveal that Sara, 31, did in fact pack her bags and walk off the set during filming claiming she and Hayden were being unfairly judged.

According to on-set insiders, Sara was so angry with three of the judges – Shaynna Blaze, Neale Whitaker and Darren Palmer – that she stormed off and refused to return. Her husband Hayden, 45, and producers eventually convinced her to go back to The Gatwick Hotel and continue with the construction – but it wasn’t easy.

‘Sara just lost it,’ our source reveals. ‘She was yelling and screaming at Hayden and the producers saying the competition was complete bull**** and she just wanted to go home. It was intense and embarrassing.’


Our on-set spy adds that the stress of the competition became so intense for the mother-of-one that she became very anxious and on-edge.

‘She had a massive meltdown,’ our source adds. ‘And again it was Hayden who had to deal with the aftermath.’

Prior to the show airing, Sara revealed she did consider leaving the competition for good.

‘We were constantly getting negative feedback,’ she explains.

‘I was like, “Screw this. I don’t need to be here. I don’t need to be here, I need to be spending time with my daughter.”’

Sara and Hayden left their 14-month-old daughter Harlow behind to be on the renovating reality TV show.


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‘I just kept thinking, I’m losing precious time with my daughter just to be getting ridiculed in front of millions of people,’ Sara says.

‘I was just like: “Nup, I just want to be with my family.”’

Hayden admits that with his wife in emotional turmoil, he was forced to pick up the pieces.

‘She was getting really bad anxiety and she was really depressed,’ Hayden explains.

‘I was having to deal with that part plus keep everything running in the background.’

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