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The Block Sara personally abuses judge Neale Whitaker

In a vicious attack.

The Block’s most fiery contestant, Sara Vale, has cracked under the pressure and unleashed in a vicious rant against judge Neale Whitaker. 

The reality TV star has suffered a string of outbursts so far, and following Sunday night’s reveal the mum-of-one suffered another emotional breakdown. 

Sara accused the judges of ‘personally attacking’ her, before hitting out with some very personal jabs at the judges. 


the block
(Credit: Channel 9)

Shaynna Blaze branded Sara’s room ‘boring,’ ‘soulless’, and a ‘standard display home.’ 

Sara believed the criticism was ‘personal.’ 

In a piece to camera alongside husband Hayden, Sara fired: ‘Why are the judges picking on me,’ she cried in a piece to camera alongside husband Hayden.  

‘This is f**ked!’ ‘ she fumed while ranting to fellow contestant, flight attendant Courtney. 

‘I feel like it’s a personal attack on me, why are the judges picking on me? They slaughtered me!’ Sara raged on. 

Later, Sara continued her vicious attack, making some very personal jabs against Neale Whitaker’s appearance. 

‘For Neale to say ours looks like it’s from the 1980’s, c’mon mate, so are your clothes,’ she said to camera. 

the block
(Credit: Channel 9)

Crying, Sara says, ‘I’m going mate, I’m f***ing over it. I’m not coming back. This was the biggest mistake of my life.’


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