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The Block bombshell: Hayden and Sara explode

"Get a divorce... I don't give a s***!"

During Sunday’s episode of The Block, contestant Sara Tumino unleashed all hell on husband Hayden after he installed a door on their construction site at The Gatwick Hotel against her wishes.

The 31-year-old told her husband that she would destroy the door herself with a hammer if he didn’t remove it immediately. This prompted Hayden, 45, to threaten quitting the show and divorcing her.

the block
(Nine: The Block)

The segment of the reality tv show was set up with Hayden saying in a piece to camera, “Everything was chilled, everyone was happily working and then Sara turned up.”

The camera then cut to a shot of Sara arriving to the site angrily saying, “Why is there a door here and not where the master is?”

“That shouldn’t be there – I’m not happy. Get rid of it now or I’m going to get rid of it.” she continued.

Hayden hit back with, “Go away… go away. It’s a formal area, you need a door. You don’t want to be sitting in the lounge room and looking into the bedroom. Jesus, you’re a stress head.”

“All of that over a door – there was no stress here until she turned up.”

the block
(Nine: The Block)

The mother-of-one appeared unhappy with her husband’s response and yelled, “Get rid of it, get rid of it, get rid of it, get rid of it. I hate it, it is ugly. We’re going to get marked down.”

Eventually, Sara convinced their tradesman Jack to remove it despite Hayden’s wishes, who was instructing him no to do so. 

Once the door was removed, the drama continued. Hayden told his wife, “Thousands of people want to come on this show and all you’ve done is whinge the whole time. Seriously, if you don’t stop, I’m walking out.”

Later on in the show when the couple had finalised their room, Hayden could be heard saying, “Get a divorce then, I don’t give a s***”

Sara responded by looking at the camera and saying “You heard it here first guys.”

Later on she was heard saying, “I don’t even know why I married you.”

Prior to the episode airing, the couple took to Instagram on their shared account @haydenandsara to post a screenshot of the episode alongside a caption that stated, “The block is stressful, your constantly tired and they have portrayed us as the couple that argue all the time. What people need to understand is that our relationship… as much as we argue, we then get over it straight away. It has its ups and downs but that’s ok. We don’t take it personally, we still love each other, laugh then move on. You only see it in a condensed version. We may joke about getting divorced and new husbands etc but if that were the actual case, we wouldn’t actually joke about it…. take our relationship as lightheartedly as we do because we don’t need negativity.”

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