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Did The Block’s Sara & Hayden conceive in THAT gold bath?

Hayden lets slip!

The Block winners Hayden and Sara, who are currently expecting their second child have let it slip where they may have conceived the baby.

During an interview on Kyle and Jackie O they were asked: ‘Was [the baby] conceived during the making of The Block?’

‘In the bath Kyle!’ laughed Hayden.

After the studio collapsed into laughter, Sara swiftly corrected her husband saying the baby was actually conceived after the show.

The Block

But the questioning didn’t stop there as the subject was bought up again when the couple appeared on The Today Show and Karl Stefanovic pressed the issue further saying: ‘Can I just ask this, and I don’t want it to be too personal a question…’

‘No, the baby wasn’t conceived in the bathtub!’ Sara interrupted quickly.

Georgie Gardner added, ‘It was my first thought, you’re not alone…’

Throughout the show, Sara and Hayden openly admitted they were trying for another baby and enjoyed an active sex life while living in St Kilda.

The couple announced their exciting news on the show’s finale, right before their auction.

The Block

They even revealed the gender of their baby on the show, cutting open a cake replica of the Gatwick apartment block provided by host Scott Cam.

Now expecting a little boy, Hayden and Sara are already parents to a little girl, who they left in the care of her grandparents while on the show.

“Sara and Hayden have basically only been allowed out to see Harlow once a week, for just a few hours at a time,” confided a family friend. “And it has had a big impact on them, particularly Sara, who missed her little girl desperately.

“Harlow’s been hitting language milestones and her mum and dad haven’t been there to hear them, which is heartbreaking. But she’s got to learn one word very well – ‘goodbye’ – and she doesn’t like hearing it one little bit.”

“She’s our only daughter and we’ve never spent that much time apart,” Sara has said on the Today program. “I felt like I was neglecting her at one of the most pivotal moments of her life.”

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