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The Block’s Oz and Omar have finally revealed their unfinished room from the competition

It looks incredible!
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Before The Block season finale, contestants Oz and Omar were disappointed they were unable to finish their final working-from-home room despite it being out of their control. But now the country home is finally complete!

It is no secret that despite showing an unfinished home, the underdogs finished the season with a record breaking win with a reserve of nearly $1.6 million.

WATCH: Omar and Oz win The Block 2022

Now, months after auction night Oz and Omar are finally ready to show off their stunning and moody working-from-home space.

“As we didn’t make reveal on the show due to things that were out of our control,” they wrote.

“Here is the finished working from home space with the outdoor area, thank you everyone involved.”

Their followers flooded the comments with praise, even Freedom Australia commented: “Amazing guys!”

They boys have finally finished their work-from-home space. (Credit: Instagram)

“Amazing! Of course and further confirms why your house was the outstanding winner, just spectacular,” another fan wrote.

“Wow that’s incredible… definitely deserved the win, love everything about that house,” another one said.

The room was not originally complete due to nasty weather conditions, but the pair were the only contestants unable to present their space.

At the time, Omar said: It does feel like we haven’t had the right end of the deal on this Block at all.”

“It’s not fair.”

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Their complaints led to a rare apology from host Scotty Cam on the show’s behalf.

“On a personal note, I want to apologise to Omar and Oz on behalf of The Block. What with the rain we’ve had over the last month, we were unable to finish your shed – and therefore, you were unable to finish your room. So for that, we say sorry,” Scotty told Oz and Omar.

Foremen Keith and Dan also apologized and even suggested a rare rule-bending exception to compensate for their disadvantage. However, the boys turned down the offer stating it would only result in more complaints from their fellow teammates.

Despite the clear disadvantage, they still came third in the room reveal. But we bet they would have placed first had they finished!

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