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EXCLUSIVE: Shocking claims that four house sales on The Block “weren’t real”

"The Block isn't real life."
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Property expert Chris Bellesini says that The Block producers have ”lost touch with reality” as Dylan and Jenny continue to struggle to offload their luxurious house in Gisborne, VIC.

Dylan and Jenny’s property failed to attract bids over the steep $4.08 million reserve set by the Nine Network, and so, they made the tough decision to pass their property in at auction.

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And whilst this strategy worked out well for Ankur and Sharon, whose home was ultimately bought by Adrian Portelli for $4.25 million (which allowed Ankur and Sharon to walk away with a $170, 000 profit), Dylan and Jenny haven’t been as lucky.

However, Mr Bellesini says that the other four homes on this year’s Block wouldn’t have been purchased either, at least not for that much money, if they hadn’t appeared on a national television program.

”The properties that did sell at auction were at inflated prices,” Mr Bellesini told Now to Love.

chris bellesini
Property expert, Chris Bellesini says that the four houses that sold from this year’s The Block weren’t bought by “real buyers”. (Credit: Chris Bellesini)

”Basically you’ve got Danny Wallis [a serial Block buyer] who is there for his ego and TV time, and Adrian Portelli who is also purchasing for the media attention; neither of them are real buyers, they wouldn’t have spent that cash or purchased those houses if it weren’t for the fact that they were on The Block.”

”These sales weren’t real, three were sold to Danny for his ego and the fourth to Adrian to promote his business ventures.”

Plus, according to Mr Bellesini, Dylan and Jenny were doomed to lose out from the moment the auction order was decided.

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“Unfortunately for Dylan and Jenny, they were last in the auction line [and] all the buyers were used up. Now they will struggle to sell until the price is adjusted, as no real buyer will spend as much as Adrian and Danny have; it’s just not realistic.”

Currently, Dylan and Jenny’s five bedroom, three bathroom house is listed on Domain, and despite an asking price of over $4 million, the site says the average cost of a five bedroom house in that area is only $1.63 million.

And Mr Bellisini says it is unlikely the property will sell until the price is brought way, way down.

jenny dylan the block
Mr Bellesini says that Dylan and Jenny’s house will not sell unless the price is brought way, way down. (Credit: Nine)

“I believe, firstly, that having so many of the same thing in that type of location has been detrimental. I believe that the final sold price will be nowhere near reserve, around the high $3 million mark.”

”It just comes down to at what point in time will Channel Nine and the vendors be happy to cut their losses and accept a price well below what they originally wanted?” Mr Bellisini said.

And speaking on whether a tree change to the country was the right idea for this year’s The Block, the property expert had some strong thoughts.

”It was a mistake going to the country. The show has lost touch with reality; even going over $2 million is just too far beyond what the average buyer can justify in a property,” Mr Bellesini said.

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”I understand why they are doing it [wanting to build bigger, more luxurious properties] but they have gone too big now; they have just lost touch, the average buyer won’t want to spend so much, and there’s not enough real buyers to give the producers the blown away results they are after.”

Mr Bellesini also said that The Block needs to change, otherwise future contestants will not walk away with any profits.

The Block isn’t real life, there is no way I can see any future contestants getting super high above reserve if The Block continues how it has been going.”

This article originally appeared on our sister site, Now To Love.

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