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The Block: Final Week Disaster

After all their hard work on The Block, will it be all for nothing?
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This season of The Block hasn’t earned its reputation as the toughest one ever for nothing.

As if renovating the biggest houses in the series’ history (as well as the four hectares they sit on) wasn’t enough to contend with, the contestants endured three months of torrential downpours and freezing temperatures, as well as supply shortages.

Now, as the auction day creeps closer, the Blockheads are wondering if their efforts and personal sacrifices have been worth it?

“All the rain caused massive headaches and left some teams unable to finish on time,” tells an insider.

“Not to mention it’s now damaged all the beautiful landscaping, and left the places looking far from pristine condition just before sale day. If the downpours continue, who even knows if anyone will show up for the auction?”

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While past winners have walked away with over $1 million in their pocket, far less spoils potentially await this year’s top team.

“The Block houses aren’t cheap to put together and the market has taken a big hit with rising interest rates,” says the insider.

The situation they’ve found themselves in has come as a big shock for Ankur and Sharon.

“We came here wanting to win and set ourselves up,” she tells us. “We have our mortgage and our struggles. The money [past winners took home] would change our lives.”

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Without that incentive, it’s doubtful that the couple would have even signed up.

“We were stressed out of our brains right to the finish and we never enjoyed a minute of it,” Sharon adds.

The stress was pretty clear to see on set, with plenty of raised voices between the teams.

“The tears were flowing in that final week [of filming]. Everyone was working around the clock and not getting enough sleep,” adds the source.

The mad dash to the finish line became even more chaotic for Dylan and Jenny, after she fell through her balcony and was rushed to hospital.

“It really rattled everyone and was a big wake-up call about how dangerous worksites are.”

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