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The Block: Courtney and Hans ‘quit’ shock

After a string of bad luck, the couple want out.

Renovation rookies Hans and Courtney are considering quitting reno show The Block after only a few days, following a string of bad luck. 

‘We 100 percent wanted to give up,’ Courtney told 9Homes. ‘We thought [the setbacks] meant we weren’t meant to be there.’ 

‘We were feeling very down and out,’ Hans added‘I don’t think there is a poorer way to start The Block.’

the block
(Credit: Channel Nine)

Hans and Courtney placed last in the 48-hour room challenge, and their bad luck continued. 

On day one of master bathroom week, the couple’s builder pulls out. 

The aviation couple then loses a day trying to find a replacement, and in the end decide to fly a builder to Melbourne from Sydney.

Disaster strikes again when the couple’s tiler quits with no warning. 

Courtney told 9Homes, ‘It was Valentine’s Day and we went and had dinner up the road and we were so sad. We spent the whole time on our phones.’ 

The couple bounce back and find a replacement tiler. 

But, just as they’re beginning to get back on track, Hans receives a phone call informing him the truck carrying their tiling supplies has broken down and won’t make it to sit

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