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TV meltdown: The Block rocked by cheating scandal

"Holy dooley!"
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Accusations of cheating have thrown The Block into turmoil as a huge scandal erupted during Tuesday night’s episode. 

Block couple Mitch and Mark accused fellow contestants Jesse and Mel of copying the design of another St Kilda property in the design of their own. 

WATCH: The Block rocked by cheating scandal 

The pair made the allegations during an appearance on Triple M with former Block contestant and radio host Jess Eva.

“I think Jesse copied his apartment,” Mitch declared.

“Controversial, controversial,” added Mark.

mitch and mark the block
Mitch and Mark accuse Jesse and Mel of ‘copying’ (Credit: Channel 9)

With the couples in the middle of an “upswapping” challenge, Jess asked Mitch and Mark if they thought Jesse and Mel could upswap to a luxe pad. 

“Oh, that must be the Saint Moritz that he’s copied his apartment from?” Mark then said. 

“Can he swap for an apartment if he’s already copied the apartment, so he’s blown their deal?” he continued, suggesting that they have been stealing their designs from the swanky new 130-apartment in St Kilda called The Saint Moritz. 

the block
Jesse and Mel couldn’t believe what they were being accused of (Credit: Channel 9)

Jess spilled to Jesse and Mel what just happened.

“Mitch and Mark pretty much accused you of cheating,” she explained.

Mel was furious and Jesse hit back with, “If you wanna have a barney, let’s have one.”

And when the other teams heard the cheating accusations live on radio they were blown away.

“Holy dooley!” Matt shouted.

“This is just going to blow up,” Tess told Luke.

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