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Who will win The Block?

Judge Greville Pabst has the insights!

It’s anyone’s game on The Block, but with just days away from the finale, New Idea speaks to judge Greville Pabst about his predictions for the winning couple.

“There are almost two competitions. There are the two penthouses from Norm and Jess and Bianca and Carla, then you have the apartments and each have their good and bad points,” he says.

“It’s going to come down to the reserve set on the day. My prediction is that Bianca and Carla’s will take the winning prize as it has that New York Soho loft appearance, that luxe black kitchen and it’s probably the most desirable on the market,” he adds.

The Block

Second on Greville’s watch list is Norm and Jess.

“If we look at Norm and Jess it faces south and onto Fitzroy street so could carry more noise, and it will be cooler in winter. That said, it’s much lighter in colour and décor so it could make it more appealing to a downsizer,” he adds.

Third favourite is Kerrie and Spence.

“Kerrie and Spence’s apartment faces north and has the $250,00 kitchen and coffered ceiling and terrace that overlooks St Kilda West so it’s highly desirable,” he adds.

The Block

The less likely to win, Greville thinks are Hayden and Sara or Hans and Courtney.

“Sarah and Hayden is on the middle level and faces North, but the orientation of the kitchen should be facing the other way, the electrical heater is not too favourable and dining and living room are the wrong way. And the gold bath could work for and against them,” Greville warns.

“As for Courtney and Hans, they have won the past two challenges, so this could swing in their favour. It’s the most affordable apartment, so when the reserves are set it may wage in their favour. But it faces Fitzroy street so buyers may not like that. The kitchen is positioned oddly and the functionality of the rooms isn’t great,” he adds.

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