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Shock exit after one Bachelor acts like a toxic player

"He's a shallow creature..."
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After the first episode of The Bachelors, Jed certainly looked like the ‘toxic male’ out of all three Bachelors (he practically threw a tantrum and then acted sullen for days after he was politely rejected).

But in episode two, Felix has emerged as the toxic king.

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During the Bachelors’ and the contestants’ first night together at the Bachelor Mansion, Felix started making out – not just a peck, not just a pash, but full on making out – with Tilly in front of everyone. And the girls competing for Felix’s heart were, understandably, gobsmacked.

Krystal had to walk away and repeated, “I can’t cope” to herself. Abigail told cameras it was “ridiculous behaviour”. Another girl can be heard saying, “This is f**ked. That’s just rude,” while the camera zooms in on Felix and Tilly getting hot and heavy.

Felix clearly doesn’t give a damn that he’s made the other girls feel somewhat upset though. He tells cameras, “In this process, if I’ve got a connection with someone, I’m gonna kiss them. I’m not going to hold myself back at the risk of offending someone else. If they’re insecure with that, then it’s off-putting to me.”

the bachelors felix and tilly kiss
Felix upset many of The Bachelors contestants when he made out with Tilly in front of everyone. (Credit: Ten)

But Felix’s make out session led to one girl leaving The Bachelors for good. Ella told a producer in tears that she found the kiss “confronting”, especially as her previous partner cheated on her, and so, she packs up and leaves.

And Felix’s response to Ella leaving is not very understanding or sympathetic. He tells cameras, “Ella’s just come out of a relationship where she was cheated on. And now she’s been thrown into a dynamic situation, where I’m essentially cheating on girls that I’m dating but this is what we’re here for, to get with different people and find out who we’re meant for.”

Yes, Felix, but previous Bachelors have kissed their various contestants in PRIVATE. They have a little class about it. (Interestingly, later in the episode fellow 2023 Bachelor Thomas said, “I’m respecting everybody, I think if I was in their position, I would appreciate it if the guy would be a little more discreet in expressing his feelings.”)

Felix however, isn’t concerned that Ella left or that the other girls are getting upset about him making out with Tilly in a common area. In fact, he doubles down. He marches up to Tilly, pulls her outside – which is in full view of everyone in the house – puts his jacket around her and makes out with her AGAIN.

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Of course, the women are not pleased. Krystal tells cameras, “There are still other people here… It pissed me off.”

The next day, on the pool party group date, Felix tells cameras that he’s got a plan to make sure the other girls don’t think he’s a player. He’s also adamant to producers that he’s not a player; he just got “carried away” with Tilly.

“I felt so bad about hooking up with Tilly,” Felix says to the women he’s invited on the group date two minutes after telling cameras, “I don’t regret kissing Tilly. I regret getting caught.”

Felix also tells cameras, “Would I get carried away again? Yes,” before making a grotesque tongue-flicking motion. Gross.

the bachelors felix
Felix says he’s not a player but he’s certainly acting like one. .. (Credit: Ten)

Additionally, Felix repeatedly tells cameras he’s not going to kiss anyone on this date so he doesn’t make the girls feel uncomfortable. But in true player-fashion, before long, Felix starts making out with Naomi in front of everyone at the pool party.

There’s not even much preamble. Naomi sits down, Felix says he likes to break rules, she replies by asking whether he’s going to break the rules again and he responds by kissing her. Then they start making out.

The other women on the group date are, again, not pleased. Yuri calls Felix “a shallow creature” and Abigail calls out Felix’s lies; she says to the other girls that “it’s funny” how Felix said he felt bad about kissing Tilly in public but is doing it again.

the bachelors felix and naomi kiss
Felix upset the girls again when he made out with Naomi in front of everyone on the pool party group date. (Credit: Ten)

If Felix keeps this behaviour up, we won’t be surprised if ‘his’ girls turn their attention to Jed and Thomas, or just reject his roses and leave The Bachelors altogether.

The Bachelors continues tonight at 7.30pm on 10 and 10Play.

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