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Bachelorette bombshell: Did Yvie just give the game away?

Angie's BFF has leaked the top four
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In a huge Bachelorette spoiler, Yvie Jones may have leaked the names of the four finalists in a not-so subtle hint on social media. 

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Angie Kent‘s BFF Yvie last week appeared on an episode of The Bachelorette where she vetted the group of blokes at a life-drawing class.

In the shock episode, Ciarran Stott took his quest to woo Angie to another level by getting nude and posing for the group at the raucous hens party. 

yvie angie
Yvie organised a hens party for Angie on The Bachelorette last week (Credit: Channel 10)

However, it now seems Yvie may have let slip her favourites on the show. 

According to Angie only follows four of the current 13 contestants.

The boys who get the ex-Goggleboxer‘s seal of approval are Carlin Sterritt, Ciarran Stott, Timm Hanly and rescue dog advocate – and season frontrunner – Ryan Anderson.

Ciarran makes it into Yvie’s Bachelorette top four (Credit: Instagram )

While Angie also follows Ryan, the “dog whisperer”, through her own Instagram account, she’s been open since his arrival as an intruder that the pair had an online connection that predates The Bachelorette.

Angie explained the pair had exchanged some DMs before she entered the mansion, however it has since come to light that they did in fact meet up before going on the show. 

angie ryan
Angie and Ryan have history that predates The Bachelorette (Credit: Channel 10)

A source told New Idea that Angie – who is a huge dog lover herself – started following Ryan’s dog rescue page on Instagram.

Apparently, before appearing on the show Ryan was already “secretly obsessed” with Angie and the pair exchanged some flirty messages and chatted regularly.

“Word is they eventually met up in person a few times but nothing serious ever happened as they lived in different states,” the insider explains.

Ryan is tipped as the show winner

Rumours have since heightened that Ryan could be the man to win Angie’s heart.

Now-deleted messages between Yvie and Ryan from before he appeared on the show recently surfaced, which suggested the pair already knew each other, and he has already won over Angie’s best mate and former co-star.

Yvie saw him comment on her Instagram that he wanted to apply and immediately encouraged it,” the source says.

“Yvie knew how much of a fan Angie was of his and had witnessed their connection in real life, so she was ecstatic that he was thinking of applying. Yvie just adores him and so does Angie!”

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