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The Bachelorette’s Bill scores the ‘wild rose’ on the show’s premiere

Is he one to watch?

In season four of The Bachelorette, Osher introduces a new type of rose. It’s called the wild rose and it gives the recipient the chance to steal a single date with Ali from any other contestant.

Ali dished out this powerful rose at the premiere’s cocktail party and the recipient happened to a man who introduced himself as Bill Goldsmith ‘who was not always known as Bill’.

Initially Ali was a startled with the possibility this handsome suitor may have possibly started life as a woman, but the nervous contestant quickly clarified that he was actually previously known as David.

Bill was so nervous upon meeting Ali that he struggled to get his words out eloquently. Not that it mattered as after the rose ceremony, the handsome mechanical plumber scored the coveted rose and the season’s first kiss.

He impressed her with his sweet candour in their one on one chat at the cocktail party and even the ‘winner’ music could be heard in the background. 

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But just who is The Bachelorette’s Bill and is he one to watch?

Described as ‘career-driven and opinionated, Bill is an optimistic believer that ‘the one’ is still out there.’

‘Outrageously loud but a self-confessed softie deep down, Bill is looking to fall in love with a girl who is as motivated, funny and as honest as he is. A busy man with his own Mechanical Plumbing business, the 31-year-old is ready to devote his time to find the love of his life.  

And what type of woman is Bill looking for?

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“My Perfect partner would be a great communicator, affectionate, and easy going,” he says.

His dream date is described as: “Anything that lets both people express themselves and have the chance to hopefully create a connection.”

Is Bill Ali’s future husband? Only time will tell!

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