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The Bachelor’s Tenille flees the mansion… AGAIN!

The bubbly brunette has had enough.

The Bachelor’s Tenille was hardly memorable until episode seven when she almost left the show, after being ‘bullied’ by ‘mean girl’ Romy.

Viewers were left clinging to their seat when the flight attendant demanded her microphone be removed so she could head off into the dark woods alone.

The 25-year-old was talked into coming back into the mansion but in episode 10, circumstances play out that see her leaving the mansion for good.

(Credit: Ten)

The day before, the pretty brunette felt uncomfortable being interrogated by ex FBI agent Steve and was left hanging to how Nick had perceived the analysis of her.

But at the cocktail party Tenille eventually gets to sit down with Nick hoping to clear up any misunderstandings but things escalate to the point she ends upmaking her exit for good.

The pair talk about the interrogation, but Nick finds it all too difficult.

(Credit: Ten)

‘I’m doing me best, I’m scrambling,’ The Honey Badger admits trying to get more information about her feelings.

‘If you really want to be with me, then you need to make an effort,’ says Tenille.

‘I feel like I have an expiry date,’ she laments and Nick appears to do nothing to soothe her worries.

Tenille and Nick finish their chat and then the flight attendant heads off to a lone gazebo to cry into the plastic flowers.

Nick stalks her and follows Tenille in hot pursuit.

‘I could hear some tears are you OK?’ Nick presses.

‘I need to keep my dignity and I feel I just need to get in the car and go…’

Nick struggles to say anything particularly positive and then mumbles: ‘Yeah…um can I walk you to the car if you like.’

(Credit: Ten)

Tenille cries some more and then says her final goodbyes to Nick before leaving the mansion for good.

The Brisbane based beauty has previously spoke about needing to protect her mental health throughout the series.

When she almost left the show in episode seven she admitted to Confidential: ‘In that moment I thought ‘this is it for me. I’m packing my bags and leaving the mansion. I’m not going to tolerate behaviour like this. I’m not so desperate to find love that I would compromise my mental health’.’

‘I do look back and think ‘God, that’s so dramatic’, but having someone constantly picking on you and making you feel like that, it’s sad I got to that breaking point,’ she admitted.

‘If in the real world you have a disagreement, you part ways, but in my circumstance, I was 24/7 living with someone who was going out of their way to put me down. There’s no escape. It’s really hard mentally. I just wanted to look after myself.’

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