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The Bachelor’s frontrunner exposed: What are they hiding?

Mysterious activity on their social media suggests they can't be trusted!

It’s no secret most of The Bachelor hopefuls love to share photos of themselves on social media. And the contestants’ Instagram followers usually grow dramatically after they appear on the show.

However, New Idea can exclusively reveal that while some of the girls have been proudly sharing pictures with rugby star Nick Cummins, others seem more concerned about their new image.

Our source can confirm that prior to the show airing, front runners Cass Wood and Sophie Tieman went on a mammoth “clean-up spree” wiping vast amounts of memories from public view.

“As soon as they finished filming they started to take down a lot of photos,” says our source. “Sophie actually deleted over 50 [pictures] in a couple of hours and it has left people wondering what they are desperately trying to hide.”

While it was revealed in the first episode that Cass already knew the hunky Bachelor, having been on a date with him prior to filming, our source also spills that there is every possibility it was photos of them together that producers had asked to be wiped from history.

“We all know Cass downplayed her relationship with Nick, especially after his brother revealed she had been on a trip away with them,” says the source. “Of course she is going to have photos of that time and of them together and that’s not something the bosses want leaked.”

And Sophie also frantically pulled down scores of photos just hours after the show’s finale was filmed, due perhaps to the fact there may be things she didn’t want Nick to see.

“Instagram has been around for years and it’s not unusual to have some pics of old boyfriends, wild nights out and some less-than-flattering looks,” says the source.

“Once Sophie got home she realised her life was suddenly going to be under scrutiny and she really didn’t want Nick to find out these things from the press, so she decided to start afresh and delete everything that didn’t fit in with the public image she wanted.”

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Following the strict media training for the finalists, both these girls have been on their best behaviour, determined to portray themselves in a good light in order to keep their reputations squeaky clean.

“It’s important for the one that wins because they become one half of a celebrity power couple overnight and you can’t have any nasty skeletons in your closet,” says the source. “And it’s just as important for the other one because there is a good chance she may be the new Bachelorette.”

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