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Does shock footage reveal the Bachelor winner?

Did Channel Ten just give away the ending?

Network Ten previously shared a montage of what seems to be every future outing during the season’s first episode – including footage of Nick appearing on intimate dates with Sophie Tieman, Brooke Blurton and Shannon Baff.

In the six-minute montage that aired at the start of the first episode, and is still available on Ten Play, Nick is seen in a variety of situations that are yet to air.

In the clip, Brooke, Shannon, Sophie and Brittany all appear to make it to the end. 

Judging solely by the footage, it doesn’t look like Cassandra Wood or Emily Dibden will be progressing as far as their competition. 

Dasha is not shown in any of the footage. This isn’t surprising, considering the Russian beauty accidentally posted a series of Instagram’s earlier this week that prove she is still single.

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