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Proof Sophie Tieman wins ‘The Bachelor’

Let's unpack all the evidence.

Although most of Australia seems to think either Brooke or Brittany win The Bachelor, there is some convincing evidence to suggest Sophie Tieman, the girl everyone thinks will take out second-place, may actually snag the prize. 

There have been reports from the get-go to suggest the blonde beauty from Brisbane ends up winning Nick Cummins heart, and the evidence just keeps getting stronger. 

Here are all the reason’s why Sophie Tieman wins The Bachelor.

Date Similarities 

There have been many linking Sophie Tieman’s portrayal on the dating show to that of last season’s winner Laura Byrne. A reason for the similar date approaches could be because Sophie, like Laura, will win the Bachelor’s heart. 

Channel Ten
(Credit: Channel Ten)

Both girls first date was linked to their first conversation with the Bachelor on the red carpet. Sophie discussed her passion for the water when she first met Nick, which lead to her romantic trip out on the water for their first date. The same can be said for Laura’s art session date with Matty J, who told her now boyfriend Matty J all about her passion for jewellery design and her creative streak on the red carpet. 

Channel Ten
(Credit: Channel Ten)

Moving to Sydney

Sophie Tieman has revealed she’s moved from her home in Brisbane and has now settled in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, the same suburb Nick Cummins happens to live in. Has the move been spurred by a romance? 

Channel Ten
(Credit: Channel Ten)

A piano tune dubbed ‘the winner’s theme’

From the moment Sophie stepped onto the red carpet to meet Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins, fans noticed a very familiar piano tune was playing in the background. 

Whilst it may not seem like much, the piano tune dubbed ‘the winner’s theme’ certainly hints to a successful romance between the two. 

The kissing background music

On the first date Sophie and Nick shared a genuinely passionate kiss, and in the background, we heard a choir sing. This same choir-like singing was played during the first kiss of last seasons winners Matty J and Laura Byrne. 

Purposeful song choice? Or maybe just a sign the producers need to switch up their playlist. 

Only time will tell.

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