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The Bachelor Nick Cummins’ brother Jacob makes insensitive ‘rape’ joke

Fans are not happy.

As Australia gears up for the 2018 Bachelor finale, Nick Cummins’ brother Jacob is being slammed by viewers for an insensitive ‘rape’ joke he made online. 

Jacob Cummins, the younger brother of this year’s Bachelor, shared a photo on Facebook three years ago of him mocking sexual assault. 

The photo dug up by fans sees Jacob clutch a bottle of grape seed oil, purposely covering the ‘g’ in grape so it reads ‘rape seed.’ 

(Credit: Facebook)

The photo was uploaded to social media and was captioned ‘Creep.’ 

A commenter then writes, ‘Is it mandatory to have that rapey look on your face?’, to which Jacob responded, ‘It was a choice for the rape face, it should be mandatory.’

Jacob then crudely joked his speeches ‘touch people’ after a friend complimented his choice of words online.

Jacob appeared on this season’s Bachelor during a group date in September, and he previously came under fire after suggesting his brother had turned front-runner Brooke Blurton ‘straight.’ 

The ‘joke’ came after Brooke told the former Wallaby last month that she had previously dated women, but emphasised that she was not lesbian or bisexual.

Jacob posted to Instagram showing an image of Bachelor 2016 couple Richie Strahan and Alex Nation, as well as an image of Alex and her ex-fiancée Maegan Luxa, who she began dating after splitting with Richie.

‘Richie turns them gay, Honey Badger turns them straight #Standard,’ the meme was captioned.

Jacob Cummins/Instagram
(Credit: Jacob Cummins/Instagram)

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