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Bachelor fans are FURIOUS after a ‘drunk’ Shannon rambles before being dumped

'This is sad to watch.'

The Bachelor viewers have been left angered following Thursday night’s episode, as a ‘drunk’ Shannon was left stumbling and rambling her words before being dumped by Nick Cummins.

After failing to receive a rose, the 25-year-old gave an awkward, rambling speech causing many to take to Twitter to vent their frustration at the series.

‘You haven’t got to know me. I was hanging onto sh*t, man,’ Shannon told the rugby star as he attempted to get her in the car.  

‘You should have given it another day. We would have made a great couple!’ she added, slurring.

‘Shaz, this environment, it is hard,’ Nick responded. 

‘Shannon is so drunk or something, like she’s not right,’ one viewer wrote. 

‘Is Shannon drunk because Nick sounds like a bouncer trying to get her out of a bar,’ another added. 

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