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Bachelor Nick Cummins chats up girls before fleeing Australia

Following rumours this year's Bachie has already split with the winner.

Yesterday, New Idea reported that Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins would be fleeing Australia ahead of the highly anticipated Bachelor finale next week.

Now, New Idea can reveal that this year’s Bachelor was spotted with a large backpack chatting up girls on Manly wharf on Sunday night.

nick cummins
(Credit: Diimex)
nick cummins
(Credit: Diimex)

A friend close to the 30-year-old footy star revealed he will be flying to Papua New Guinea on Monday morning and spending eight days on the Kokoda Trail. 

“If he can deal with 30 women then I’m pretty sure walking through the jungle for eight days is going to be a walk in the park,” James Brodie, told the Manly Daily on Saturday.

James added that this trek will help “clear his head”.

“I think it absolutely helped his mental state and built his mental toughness to deal with all these sorts of things,” he adds. 

nick cummins
(Credit: Channel Ten)

Nick’s decision to flee the country comes as a surprise to fans, as past Bachelor’s have been required to stay for media interviews following the episode’s air. 

The news comes just days after rumours began circulating that Nick had REUNITED with Cassandra Wood, after he dumped her on the show.

In a surprising twist of events set to shock fans, in the days that followed the shows emotional grand finale, which was filmed in May, it’s believed Nick had a change of heart, causing him to not only end his short-lived romance with the winner, but to get back in touch with Cass.

Turning to her in his hour of need, worried about the public backlash he is set to face for his decision to walk away from his new relationship, the lovable larrikin has been plagued with guilt and begging for forgiveness, confessing that he wants to work things out.

“Nick has really struggled emotionally since the show ended,” says a friend.

“He didn’t expect things to end that way and wasn’t really prepared to have feelings for more than one person at a time.”


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