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The Bachelor 2018 Episode 15: Deep feelings, plenty of tonsil hockey and a shock walkout

Who will make it to the final?

In episode 15, the scene starts with Nick running topless (again) on a mountain. He stops to think.

“You’d think seeing the girl’s at hometown would make things easier… but it’s tough. I don’t want to break anyone’s heart…” Nick says wistfully.

The first date begins with Sophie. Having struggled to express her emotions throughout, she’s worried about gathering the right words to make it through to the final.

Nick’s excited as he picks her up, “Sophie’s a barrel of laughs,” Nick says joyfully.

He decides to take her for a skydive. “Are you joking? Are you serious?” Sophie starts to panic. 

“Yeah, I brought a spare pair of grunders…” he says in true Nick fashion. 

They step into a tiny plane. She starts to freak out. Nick screams like a baby as they take flight into the air.

The lovebirds kiss before they prepare to jump out of the plane.

“I’m as nervous as a goose in a doona factory,” says Nick pulling out another one of his puns.

All of a sudden, they have to abort. There’s too much wind. Nick is suitably relieved.

The pair head back to the mansion to another plate of cheese and a bottle of bubbly. Sophie is keen to let Nick just how she feels.

The Bachelor

“What does it look like for us going forward,?” asks Nick.

“We have so much in common…” she begins to waffle.

“The love and passion and drive will be endless… I’ve never been so vulnerable,” she mumbles on

“I’m very clearly falling in love with you…” Nick gets all gooey eyed and they smooch.

The next date is with frontrunner Brittany. “She’s a classic beaut… she’s smart, she’s confident…” says Nick like he referring to his dream car.

Nick arrives in an ice cream truck. The winner music plays. “A man that brings me ice-cream is all my dreams come true,” gushes Brittany.

They sit down and slurp on some ice cream and fondle each other’s hair. “You’re just a classy bird,” sighs Nick.

Next up they climb up the nearby lighthouse and stare at the scenery, viewers wonder if at this point the producers have run out of budget.

Then back at the mansion the pair settle down to listen to a live string trio. Brittany says she feels so special.

They do some bad dancing. Brittany admits he’s a terrible dancer, not that she’s bothered as after a few twirls they kiss. A lot.

The lovebirds settle down for some more wine, before Brittany decides to grill him about Cass again.

“I need to find out about you and Cass… when my family told me I felt embarrassed…”

Nick looks uncomfortable. He guzzles some more wine and rolls his eyes…as if thinking ‘have we not discussed this before?’

Nick mumbles something along the lines of bumping into her at the gym before her coming on the show. “There was a brief history, but not now… does that put you at ease?”

Brittany’s happy to put it all behind her and she tells him how she feels and admits she’s never felt like she has before. Nick is really happy, potentially more happy than when he was when Sophie lay her heart on the line.

They kiss again. Viewers are pretty certain she’s won.

The Bachelor

Next up, it’s Brooke’s turn. Spoilers have indicated she walks from the show, so will this be her last date?

“I see Brooke… she’s just utterly beautiful, it’s like she’s got this spell over me…” says Nick as he rocks up to the date on a motorbike.

They end up somewhere to partake in some body painting. Nick has barely started painting her and they’re already kissing.

The sexual tension is abundant. “With Brooke there’s no barrier, when we connect it’s beautiful.”

The Bachelor

They kiss and paint until the sun goes down. They create a painting that only comes to life when they’re together. They seem pretty impressed with their efforts and end up kissing again.

“It just feels like it’s meant to be,” gushes Nick. Now we’re all wondering if she’s REALLY leaving the show.

But as the evening falls they sit together and drink more wine and discuss each other’s feelings.

“How you feeling about it all?” Nick questions.

“I really, really like you and I am falling for you… I know where I am at, but I need to know where you stand with me…” Brooke questions.

Nick begins to attempt to explain his feelings. “Out of all the girls I have so much respect for you. But I’m struggling feelings wise for everyone at the moment…” Nick says not giving away much.

“…It hurts my heart, and I’m finding hard to break past barriers…” Nick adds making matters worse.

“I just need some assurance that you just like me…” Brooke presses. But Nick struggles to give her anything. Viewers are shouting at the screen. WHY NICK, SAY SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING DECENT.

And it becomes clear Nick’s silence leaves poor young Brooke utterly heartbroken.

At the rose ceremony, Brooke heads out the door and asks to speak to Nick alone.

They sit down and Brooke begins to cry. “I’m feeling hurt…” Brooke begins, she says she needs self-assurance and Nick again fails to give her what she wants.

“I need a guy that knows what he wants.” Nick clearly knows nothing. 

The Bachelor

“My hearts breaking as I can’t give her what she wants right now,” Nick tells the camera.

As it becomes apparent Nick is not willing to give her anything, Brooke wants to make her exit. ‘I need to go home,’ Brooke tells Nick.

“I’m not going to stand in your way… as much as I want to…” STAND IN HER WAY NICK. TELL HER HOW YOU FEEL…

But he doesn’t. And off she walks and he hugs her goodbye.

“This wasn’t part of my plan, I’m going to miss you Brooke…” Nick says, again giving her nothing to make her stay.

He stares at the camera and pretends to look heartbroken. NICK WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?

Bye Brooke, we’re all as upset as you are…

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