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EXCLUSIVE: Survivor’s Ben has no doubt Shay will ‘flourish’: “She’s my whole world”

"She ticks all the boxes for Survivor."
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There’s no doubt that competing on Survivor is no easy feat – but for Blood V Water castaway Ben Watson, the experience was even more challenging than he expected.

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“Holy smoke – it was a fantastic experience. I came away with a massive smile on my face and some memories that I’ll cherish forever,” Ben told New Idea. 

“But I mean, it’s tough – tough is actually an understatement. I think I’ll just leave it at that.”

Ben was blindsided at the latest Tribal Council. (Credit: Network 10)

Unsurprisingly, Ben said that it was dealing with the lack of food that was the biggest struggle for him on the reality series.

“I know I went on about food, but everyone spoke about food as much as me – I’m just a hangry man!” he laughed.

“I think the first thing I got given [after being eliminated] was a block of Kit Kat chocolate because I was having recurring nightmares in the last couple of days Kit Kats.

“It’s a funny story – I was waking up in a panic thinking I was getting wrapped up in a Kit Kat wrapper!”

Ben wasn’t a fan of the food on Survivor. (Credit: Instagram)

Aside from dealing with the lack of food and Kit Kat nightmares, Ben added that it was the sneaky nature of the game that didn’t sit well with him.

“I think it was the idea of talking to people straight and knowing that they’re possibly talking behind your back that element of the game.

“It rubbed me the wrong way because I wanted to be friends with everybody, but I knew that I would probably have to cut them at some point and they probably want to do the same to me.”

Ben continued, “So it was being on treading on eggshells because I’m usually pretty relaxed. It got to me a but, but it was a game to be played.”

Ben gushed about partner Shayelle. (Credit: Instagram)

And while Ben’s elimination left his long term partner Shayelle to fend for herself, the trade and photographer isn’t worried about how his other half will go without him.

“She’s tougher than I am,” he said, adding, “I had to laugh while walking away – that’s why I smile on my face. Not only did I get to say goodbye to Shay but I’m thinking, ‘You guys are idiots, you should have gotten her out earlier before a potential merge!'”

“She’s going to flourish and I’m so excited to watch this, it will be amazing. I can’t wait to see what happened on the other side of the fence.”

As for who Ben’s pick for Sole Survivor is?

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“Obviously I’m team Shay!” he laughed, adding, “I’m soft when it comes to this girl so excuse me if I choke up but she’s my whole world.”

“I’m so glad that the world gets to see how amazing she is. She ticks all the boxes for Survivor – She’s smart, she’s agile, she’s strong, her willpower is phenomenal and her mindset is nothing else.”

Australian Survivor: Blood V Water continues Sunday at 7.30 pm On 10 And 10 Play On Demand.

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