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Why you shouldn’t overlook Survivor sweetheart Gerald

He's a true Aussie character!
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With a season full of big players and even greater moves, it’s the quiet ones like Gerald Youles who you should really be keeping an eye on during Australian Survivor.

WATCH BELOW: Australian Survivor 2021: Get To Know Gerald

A World Champion Wood Chopper, fifth-generation cattle farmer, and just an overall nice guy, when we caught up with Gerald over the phone this week, there is no doubting that what you see is what you get on Survivor.

“I’m coming across how I went in there wanting to be which was to be myself and to be my natural self,” Gerald tells New Idea. “My strategy going in there was to be a genuine, honest bloke and to use the truth as my biggest weapon.”

And while he may not be getting that much air time compared to some of the other major players, Gerald assures us that it’s because he’s playing a less chaotic game than the rest.

“When you go in there with that level of certainty into each vote and into alliance chats, there’s not much that needs to be said.”

survivor australia gerald youles
“My strategy going in there was to be a genuine, honest bloke.” (Credit: Ten)

While it wasn’t his first thought to consider going on Survivor, Gerald, a long-time fan of the show, saw an opportunity to challenge himself by taking it on.

“Using Survivor as another means to do that to push myself further and push those boundaries and reach new heights – it was a no brainer,” he says.

It would also help him in promoting woodchopping, the rural life, and also farming life, by portraying that “sort of life” in the best light possible to viewers at home.

“To be able to do it right here in our backyard and utilise some skills and knowledge that I already had about our country is awesome,” he says.

WATCH BELOW: Survivor’s Gerald is a man of many words

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Having had two dairy farms, fans of the show may have noticed that the 26-year-old has acquired a particular love for one specific dairy product: plain old milk.

His love for dairy is so strong that when he and the other contestants would just sit around and reminisce and debate about what foods and drinks they wanted the most at that point in time, there was only one thing on Gerald’s mind.

“They’d all be talking about having some alcoholic beverages and I’d be talking about having a glass of milk with them,” he laughs.

“I certainly hook into my dairy product pretty well when I’m at home as well as my beef products,” he says. “I think that’s one of the things that comes with the territory that comes with being a farmer in general.”

survivor australia 2021 gerald youles
Gerald had the chance to show off his impressive woodchopping skills on the show. (Credit: Ten)

Gerald is also proving that he has a heart of gold because he hopes to become the Sole Survivor for some pretty honourable reasons.

“It’d be an awesome outcome for rural Australia and rural Queensland as well as farmers as well as even the sport of woodchopping,” he says.

“It’ll be a win for all of them and our country – it shows all of that sort of stuff can be able to produce someone that can represent all of those smaller groups and people in public and in a good light,” he adds.

“And to be able show what these groups and people achieve if they want to and if they put their mind to it how all of us can do great things.”

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