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Australian Survivor Season 10: Here’s everything you need to know

Australia's favourite reality TV show is back!
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Light up your tribal council torches because Australian Survivor is back, baby!

The hit TV show is returning to where it all began for season 10, which will see our contestants battle it out in the ultimate game of physical and mental strength.

WATCH NOW: Mark Wales wins Australian Survivor Blood VS Water 2022. Article continues after video.

Featuring a mix of new and returning competitors, the season will run under the most popular theme the franchise has ever seen: Heroes Versus Villains, in the island paradise of Samoa.

But this game of survival is far from the tropical holiday destination we are all dreaming of. Instead, the contestants will fight to survive as they fend for themselves and the chance to win half a million dollars.

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So who is expected to compete?

After wrapping filming last month, the cast list has been kept under close wraps, our sister site, Now To Love however can confirm that former AFL star David Saharakis will appear on the new season.

The ex sports star will also be joined by writer and broadcaster Benjamin Law and two time Olympian Liz Parnov.

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Daniel Monaghan, SVP Content and Programming at Paramount, told TV Tonight that the show format was ”fresh and exciting”.

”It’s a mix of returning and new contestants, in the heroes and villians tribe which is exciting.

”I know the Americans often fill it with only returnees but adding new contestants keeps it fresh. It made everyone a bit on edge to be honest.

New season set to air January 2023. (Credit: Ten)

”The returnees knew how to play with half but not the others, so that provides a great dynamic. The way they played is spectacular”. 

Beloved show host Jonathan LaPaglia is set to return as the host, with an expected air date of January 2023 on Channel 10 and 10play.

He said during filming that the new season was a ”ripper”.

We can’t wait!

This article originally appeared on our sister site, TV WEEK.

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