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King George returns to Australian Survivor

Titans vs Rebels premieres on Monday, January 29 on Channel 10.
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Light up your tribal torches and prepare yourself for a return to the tropics because Australian Survivor is back, and it’s set to wash onto our shores with a new crop of castaways sooner than you’d think. 

Returning to the South Pacific paradise of Samoa, a new breed of competitors will be pitted against each other, as they all attempt to outwit, outplay, and most importantly outlast their fellow competitors.

In this new struggle for survival, and half a million in prize money, the bigwigs will battle it out against the battlers in the world’s greatest game. 

WATCH NOW: Liz Parnov wins Australian Survivor 2023. Article continues after video.

Speaking with New Idea about the new “hardcore” season, longtime host and self-described “Rebel” Jonathan LaPaglia revealed that fans tuning in should “expect epic blindsides.”

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“The Titans tribe is made up of players who are at the top of their field, the overachievers, whilst the Rebels have forged their own path in life, they’re the rule breaks. The Titans are used to calling the shots and being in charge so they may struggle working together, whereas the Rebels are not used to having anyone in charge!”

“I can say there are plenty [of epic tribal councils and blindsides] and they won’t disappoint.”

Scroll on for everything you need to know about the 2024 season of Australian Survivor…

Meet your new crop of castaways. (Credit: Channel Ten)

When will Australian Survivor premiere in 2024? 

Season 11 is set to make its debut on Channel 10 and 10Play on Monday, January 29 at 7:30pm.

It will air on the same night as Australian Idol and Married at First Sight

When was Australian Survivor 2024 filmed?

According to industry sources, the season was filmed between August 9th and September 24th, 2023 in Samoa.  

Who hosts Australian Survivor?

Beloved presenter Jonathan LaPaglia is set to return to the helm and host Australian Survivor once more for 2024.

Olympic Pole Vaulter Liz Parnov won Australian Survivor in 2023. (Credit: Channel 10)

Who has been cast on Australian Survivor in 2024?

Whilst the previous few seasons of Survivor have included a mixture of new and returning players, the new season will feature an entirely unknown group of Australians keen to battle it out for the title of Sole Survivor. 

Speaking with our sister publication TV Week in March 2023, Australian Survivor Executive Producer David Forster shared some further insight into the casting process in recent seasons. 

“We love our returning Survivor family – they are great to watch and have a lot of unfinished business in the game. Having said this, we will always open the game to new players as we have always done (with the exclusion of All-Stars who are all returnees).”

JLP is back for another season of witty one liners. (Credit: Channel 10)

What is the theme for Australian Survivor in 2024? 

We’ve seen the likes of Champions vs Contenders, Brains vs Brawns, Blood vs Water, Heroes vs Villains, and even an All-Stars season – but for season 11, the theme is *drum roll please* Titans vs Rebels.  

The Titans have been described as both “physically intimidating and utterly ruthless.” 

Facing off against these Titans are our Rebels – a group of individuals “who live life by a different set of rules.” 

According to Channel 10, a Titan is an individual who “has achieved a great feat against all odds” whilst a Rebel is someone who routinely goes “against the grain, sticking it to the man.”

Fans are thrilled to see George Mladenov return to the world of Australian Survivor. (Credit: Channel 10)

Who is hosting Talking Tribal for Australian Survivor in 2024?

Fans will be undoubtedly thrilled to find out Australian Survivor: Talking Tribal will be returning for a blockbuster fifth season, hosted by none other than former runner-ups George Mladenov and Chrissy Zaremba and podcast expert Shannon Guss. 

Unpacking the biggest moments from each episode, the expert trio will break down blindside, speculate about strategy, and place their predictions for future gameplay. 

Episodes will drop every Wednesday.


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