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They’re out! Everyone who’s left Australian Survivor: Blood V Water so far

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It’s game on right out the gate for the new crop of castaways on Survivor: Blood V Water as 24 castaways battle it out alongside a loved one in the unmissable new season that debuted on January 31st.

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It’s the first time that the Australian branch of the reality series will take on the Blood vs. Water format, with host Jonathan LaPaglia saying, “Survivor has always been an individual game. But this season, that’s all about to change.

Siblings, couples, in-laws, parents and children will now go head-to-head in the highly anticipated new season of Australian Survivor: Blood V Water.

JLP will once aagin host Australian Survivor. (Credit: Network Ten)

“For the first time on Australian Survivor, they will be playing with a member of their own family,” JLP said.

But which of these Castaways will successfully outwit, outplay, outlast and potentially turn on a loved one to claim the title of Sole Survivor 2022?

To find out who couldn’t survive this season, stay tuned to see every eliminated contestant so far.

Andy (Credit: Network 10)


At Tribal Council, Andy felt confident that this time around he had a watertight grip on the game, but as JLP read out the votes, he quickly realised his social game had failed him once again.

On being voted out, Andy said: “That was the consummate blindside, 100% surprised, total shock. It’s really hard to say what went wrong. I built a pretty good shelter on day one! For whatever reason, they decided I’m the first to go. I’m a returning player, these guys are all playing for the first time, and they pulled the wool over my eyes amazingly well. I really hope someone from this tribe loses to my little sister Kate.”

Brianna (Credit: Network 10)


Survivor super fan Brianna went in the game all guns blazing – but it was this intensity that would soon send her packing.

Briana explained: “I actually saw that coming. I whispered to Shay, they’re going to play all the votes on me, hoping she’d play the idol. I’m a pretty assertive person and I think I was just a little too guns blazing. Watch out for King Khanh, he’s definitely running the show.”

Briana leaves behind her father David to fight for the title of Sole Survivor.

“I live boldly, I #riskitforthebiscuit 🍪… I may not have the biscuit but I have invaluable lessons I have learnt and memories I will cherish for a lifetime,” she wrote on Insatgram following her exit.

“But one thing is for certain… I don’t think I’m done with the game… And I don’t think the game is done with me. WE HAVE UNFINISHED BUSINESS.”

Kate (Credit: Supplied)


A hot minute after the sudden departure of returnee player Andy, it was his sweet sister Kate who would cop the fallout from David’s juicy Tribal Council conniption. 

After he quickly put a target on ‘big dog’ Sandra, who he was confident is a threat to everyone’s game, Ben wasn’t having it. He let Sandra in on the plan to take her out, and put the cogs in motion to take David out instead.

Meanwhile, Kate started to get nervous because no one was engaging in strat-chat with her. Kate’s concern set David off, which erupted with David arbitrarily exposing his ally Sam as a social butterfly at Tribal Council, despite her spending the whole afternoon trying to save him.

Feeling betrayed, Sam rallied everyone at Tribal Council to change their vote to David, but it wasn’t enough as David pulled out his new Idol to save himself. With just three votes, Kate was tragically sent home.

 Kate shared: “Survivor is rough. The hardest part for me was the physical challenges, they were intense. I think Andy would be a little bit disappointed that I didn’t get to show my puzzle training, but he’d be so happy for me spending so much time with Sandra.”


Alex (Credit: Network 10)


On the tenth day of Australian Survivor: Blood V Water, Alex put his health first and made the tough decision to call it quits, leaving his Blue tribe shattered.

After suffering an injury during the season debut, Alex took matters into his own hands at Tribal Council, urging his tribemates to send him home. It became clear that the Blue majority refused to write his name down, so Alex was left with no choice but to end his Blood V Water journey.

On Instagram, Alex shared that he was “sad to leave the world’s greatest game, but I’m so grateful to be a part of it.”

Alex’s older sister and former Bachelorette Sam Frost also wrote him a sweet tribute, saying “you are hands down the biggest legend with the softest and kindest soul.”

Jay (Credit: Network 10)


With a ploy to break up a strong alliance of three – Amy, Jay, and David – Jay ended up falling victim to a blindside.

While some conspired to try and vote out Survivor “queen” Sandra, the remainder of the tribe stayed loyal to her, forcing Amy to play her idol and stacking the split vote on Jay.

Despite being shocked, Jay took the blindside well.

“That was one HELL OF A RIDE,” he wrote on Instagram. “I’ll miss you Jonathan and my tribe!” 

Sandra (Credit: Network 10)


It seems the dreaded 16-day curse has struck again for self-proclaimed “Queen of Survivor” Sandra Diaz, after a tribe swap that saw her fall on the wrong side of the numbers.

At Tribal Council, her daughter Nina confirmed she’s here to leave her own mark on Australian Survivor: Blood V Water, writing Sandra’s name down to make it clear that she’s moving with the majority.

Grateful for playing 166 days of Survivor across the world, Sandra went out on a high, wishing her daughter the best of luck and leaving Red tribe with this nugget of wisdom: “Play to win. If it doesn’t benefit you, don’t go along with just any plan.”

Sophie (Credit: Network 10)


Proving that blood is not always thicker than water, Survivor’s next victim was Sophie, who scored six votes, one of which was penned by her sister KJ.

KJ was torn walking into Tribal Council. On the one hand, she wanted to help her sister progress in the game, but on the other hand, Sophie’s turbulent approach was detracting from KJ’s cautious and considered method of gameplay.

But it seems there are no hard feelings towards her sister, with Sophie writing on Instagram: “She’s really in her element, this is everything she’s been working towards, she’s been a fan of this show her whole life. She’s doing even better than she thought she would. I have full belief she can make it to the very end.”

Amy (Credit: Network 10)


At Tribal Council, Amy’s feeling that the tribe swap had turned her game on its head was confirmed, as she received six votes that sealed her fate.

Reflecting on her elimination, Amy said: “I have just been completely blindsided, I honestly thought I had Jordan, I don’t know what went wrong. I think my tribe definitely made a mistake voting me tonight, because Jordan and Josh are very strong together.”

Nina (Credit: Network 10)


One family dynasty has now officially fallen, with Princess Nina exiting the game just one week after her mother Queen Sandra, due to injury.

At the Immunity Challenge, Nina arrived in a car on crutches and with a leg cast after suffering a twisted ankle during the Rewards Challenge. She joined her tribe only for Jonathan to announce that the risk was too great for her to continue, and she must leave the game. 

Michael ‘Croc’ Crocker (Credit: Network 10)


Having been blindsided the night before, Ben made sure the tables were turned for tonight’s Tribal Council when he blindsided Croc, sending him home with an idol in his pocket, as a distraught Chrissy watched on.



It was a bloodbath at the dual Tribal Council, with Chrissy declaring that she was out for revenge on Ben for Croc’s blindside, while over on Red they pinned their votes on Mel.

But it wasn’t over for Ben and Mel yet. The two battled it out in a heated fire challenge, which to everyone’s surprise, and delight, Mel won.

Reflecting on his game, Ben shared: “I’m honestly very chuffed that people found me to be a big threat in this game, voting me out not just once, but twice. I’m not emotional about leaving the game, I’m emotional about leaving Shay.”

Khanh (Credit: Network 10)


At Tribal Council, Khanh’s face turned to shock as his name appeared on more pieces of parchment than he had planned for, while his idol burned a hole in his pocket.

Taking it with grace and humour, Khanh reflected on his blindside: “I got blindsided. It was super sad but also really exciting for a fan.

“I went home with an idol, which is so dumb but also awesome – I’ve had it for 21 days now. I’m too trusting, and I’m naive, but it’s a flaw that I’m willing to take.”

Khanh is the first member to join the jury on Survivor Australia: Blood V Water.

Mel (Credit: Network 10)


At Tribal Council, six votes landed on Mel and in an emotional farewell, she shared: “I gave it a good fight. I just love this game so much and I hate that my sister has beat me.

“I’ve only had three days with her but she is a dark horse in the game. This game will bond us forever.”

She has now joined Khanh in the Jury Villa.

Jesse (Credit: Network 10)


In one of the season’s biggest blindsides, six votes undid Jesse’s game, with his former ally Sam explaining that it was due to his brother Jordie “telling porky pies.”

Jesse’s head was left spinning as he explained: “I’m very confused with what’s going on right now. I really believed that I didn’t need to play the idol tonight.

“I’m now pretty worried about my brother, to be honest, it’s clear Sammy isn’t working with us right now. I’ll be wrapping my brain around that for a long time to come.”

Michelle (Credit: Network 10)


Michelle Chiang became the fourth member of the jury last night, joining her twin sister, Mel.

The vote was not the end for Mel – she was sent to join Jordie, KJ, and Shay in purgatory, but in a challenge that would see only one eliminated for good, she came last.

Wow, what a ride!” she wrote on Instagram.

“From someone who did not prioritise camping as her #1 choice of holiday experience to literally living out in the bush amongst the elements…this is me living out of my cushy comfort zone,” she added.

“Even though it was not an easy decision to come on the show as our father passed away unexpectedly a few weeks before filming, I am overall thankful,” she continued.

“Thankful for the experience, thankful the bonds with everyone that I’ve met and most of all, thankful for @survivorau for giving me and @mel.chiang the opportunity to be in the same place to play the game that she loves.”

Jordie (Credit: Network 10)


After a secret advantage for KJ at Tribal Council saw ringleaders Chrissy, Mark and Josh sent back to camp, she took no prisoners in her mission to change the narrative, culminating in Jordan – the first member of the majority – being sent home.

Jordan explained: “Definitely didn’t see this coming. We did a lot of work to get those guys out of the game, but they fought their way back in, and now I’m gone. Respect to KJ, that was an amazing move.”

Sam Gash (Credit: Network 10)


As Sam and Mark became the last remaining couple, with two idols between them, the tribe closed in on them, the group decided it was time to take away their power.

Josh even told them to play an idol for Sam, but they didn’t, and she was sent to join the jury.

“The easiest move would be to play an idol & if I was driven by ego I would have done that. But, we were constantly weighing up what was best for our long game,” Sam wrote on Instagram.

“🩸 v 💧 meant we had two lives at this very late stage & we wanted to give one of those lives the most potent path to the end. I said at the start of this game ‘I back myself but I back my husband more.’,” she said.



Mark finally played his hidden Immunity Idol at Tribal Council, leaving votes split evenly on Jordie and David. After they were made to do a revote, Juicy David was deemed the bigger threat.  

 On being eliminated, David shared: “Juicy Dave was born in Survivor, and I’m very proud of the game I’ve played. I’ve always said it wasn’t my dream to be on Survivor, it was my daughter Briana’s, but she transferred that dream when they sent her home early. I would have loved for her to be there, that’s why I fought so hard.”

Jordie (Credit: Network 10)


After playing the most chaotic and nimble Australian Survivor: Blood V Water game, tonight it was tragically time up for our beloved Joker.

A lot of plans were thrown around at Tribal Council, leaving Mark unsure of Josh and Chrissy’s loyalty, which led him to finally play his infamous idol to knock Jordie out of the game for good.

Jordie left the game with grace and with the justice of the truth finally coming out about Mark’s stolen idol – oh, and a brand new car.

Jordie shared: “I am feeling gutted right now. They finally got The Joker, and finally Mark’s second idol was exposed. I gave it everything. I worked really hard to keep coming back, time after time, vote after vote. I’m proud of myself.”

KJ (Credit: Network 10)


It was a case of so close, and yet so far for KJ, as she fell a day short of competing in the final Australian Survivor: Blood V Water immunity challenge.

Tribal Council was a mad scramble, as everyone attempted to confirm their plans via hushed whispers. Josh made a last-ditch attempt to convince Chrissy to vote out KJ, while KJ and Shay firmed up their Josh vote.

With the vote tied between KJ and Josh, Chrissy flipped on the girls and removed KJ, remaining loyal to her original alliance.

Reflecting on her game, KJ shared: “Sophie would be fist-pumping right now, she was in my thoughts a lot. I think Shay is gaining some real momentum, that girl is tough. If one of the underdogs was going to take out the title, she’s the one to do it.”

Australian Survivor: Blood V Water continues Monday and Sunday at 7.30 pm On 10 And 10 Play On Demand.

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