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Reality bites! SAS Australia & Masked Singer’s insider secrets REVEALED

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Reality fans have been absolutely lapping up the latest seasons of SAS Australia and The Masked Singer. Now, New Idea has some insider secrets about the two shows that’s bound to raise some eyebrows. Read on for the full scoop.

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SAS Australia’s shock medical crisis!

Abrasions, bruises and breaks, there’s no escaping the sheer brutality of SAS – but this year has upped the ante! This week, New Idea is told a “sickening” challenge that left the other celebrities squirming will see a recruit rushed to hospital with a shoulder injury.

While ruthless challenges are just a part of the show, an 
insider says that insurance costs are surging year after year as incidents worsen – and it’s costing the network big time

This year, SAS has really upped the ante. (Credit: Seven)

It’s believed SAS has a $100 million insurance policy to cover the costs of injuries – with complicated contracts pulled together to avoid the celebrities later suing!

“Insurance that is taken out by the production company is very extensive, and covers across the board for any errors, omissions and defamation. The waivers contestants have to sign are complex,” says a source.

“Some contestants’ waiver clauses are great, saying you can’t litigate but have to do mediation in the result of an issue,” the insider explains, noting that a serious injury inflicted on a big celebrity would be “catastrophic” for the show’s future.

Apparently one of this year’s Masked Singer celebs was accidentally spotted by a hotel worker. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Guess who? Can you unmask these Masked Singer Australia gossip bites?

Hotel scandal

Whoops! This year’s biggest celebrity, believed to be an American, was accidentally spied by clever hotel staff. The star managed to fly into Sydney under the radar before check-in staff worked out why they were in town. “The crew went to such great lengths to get them in unnoticed, before it all fell over in a hotel lobby,” one insider explains.

Costume antics

One singer is said to have made serious demands for adjustments on their expertly made costume – with one producer forced to snap at them!  “You can’t send back a Marc Jacobs dress and ask him to put pockets on it!” was overheard in a dressing room. This particular celeb quickly earned a reputation on set.

WATCH: Masked Singer contestant loses their prop head in new trailer (Article continues after video)

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You snooze, you lose

New Idea hears one well-known Aussie TV star is begging for a spot on the show – after balking at the series prior to its premiere! It’s believed this household name turned their nose up at appearing on The Masked Singer when she was pitched a spot on the show in 2019 – before it became a ratings hit. “She’s had her tail between her legs ever since,” quips a source.

Judges on the rocks

Our insider says one judge had the others reeling after taking a record amount of breaks during filming! From toilet and snack breaks to makeup touch-ups, the judge left everyone furious as filming was paused for their “own personal needs”.

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