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SAS Australia’s Koby Abberton speaks out after cheating scandal

"It wasn’t like that."
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Koby Abberton was caught cheating during Wednesday night’s episode of SAS Australia, and fans of the show were not happy about it.

WATCH BELOW: Koby Abberton exposed on SAS Australia for cheating

In a challenge where he had to complete 30 push-ups, Koby only did half of that amount and the act was caught on camera.

The directing staff reviewed the secret footage and then confronted Koby for cheating, where he initially denied it.

“I didn’t mean it. No way. I just wouldn’t have cheated that much,” he said, before he added: “But the evidence is there and I’ll take full responsibility.”

sas australia koby abberton
Koby was caught cheating in a challenge on camera. (Credit: Seven)

Koby followed with a post to his Instagram after the episode aired, where he uploaded a video and said: “First and foremost, this is TV guys, it wasn’t like that.”

“How it happened was we all [did] the fitness test – they told us it was a fitness test – we went as fast as we could around it,” he said.

“On the second set I was supposed to do 30 push-ups and only [did] 16. I was tired, exhausted and I miscounted; as simple as that.”

koby abberton sas australia
“I was tired, exhausted and I miscounted; as simple as that.” (Credit: Seven)

The 42-year-old went on to say that the scandal has reached a stage where people are contacting his family and wife regarding “cheating and lying”.

“You guys, this is a TV show okay? Since the start of my child, six-seven years, I’ve been nothing but a positive, happy family man on all social medias. I try to be a better man and better dad. Don’t say that s**t to my wife please.”

Right after the scene aired, viewers immediately took to Twitter to share their take on what happened.

Despite initially denying the cheating, Koby apologised to his fellow recruits afterwards, and suggested that perhaps he had miscounted.

“I feel pretty bad about this whole situation, but I want you to know – they’re basing my whole integrity on 15 push-ups in front of a camera,” he said.

“I promise I can do as many push-ups as all of you together. I just f**ked up, I counted wrong and I didn’t keep counting. I didn’t mean to do that, but I promise I did that faster than every one of you.”

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