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The ending of Drag Race All Stars 4 was the worst emergency edit since the death of Poochie

The much loved reality show's season finale was a major drag


Every beloved show has one – that moment that’s so cringe-inducing and jarring that people look back at it as killer blow that began the program’s steady decline into cancellation.

Maybe that’s an overly dramatic way of looking at this week’s finale episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4 – after all, which season ending of Drag Race hasn’t led to frenzied wailing about alleged injustices, and claims the show is now over?

But the bizarre double crowning of Trinity The Tuck and Monet X Change has pushed many fans to the point of despair.

The extraordinarily crude editing and blatant post production voiceover that cobbled together an ending clearly not considered at the time of filming has many fans smelling a rat.

It’s well known that Drag Race, like many reality shows, records multiple endings, to avoid the chance of leaks in the months leading up to airing. Hence, footage was recorded of both Trinity and Monet taking the crown and sceptre, and appearing overjoyed at their wins.

At some point after the event, while deep in post-production, it was decided that neither contestant could win alone.

There are numerous theories as to why this might be. But whatever the real reason behind the decision, it hardly matters for the viewer.

The end result was a disaster.

A laughably blatant re-edit where the winners are never seen celebrating their news in the same shot, with RuPaul’s voice awkwardly spliced in to explain the outcome, left viewers in no doubt that the ending had been forced into the narrative long after filming.

It’s been called the worst emergency edit since the exit of Poochie.

We all know most reality TV shows are anything but real. Viewers will happily look the other way when the smoke and mirrors and manipulation are artfully integrated into the show.

It’s all just part of the fun.

But when you can see the strings, the magic is broken. And RuPaul’s devoted fans deserve better than the botch-job ending they were served.

Will I be tuning in for season 11? You betcha – Drag Race is still one of the best shows on TV.

But the question is, will I be sticking around? Viewers will only put up with so much, and they expect better than what they were served in the finale of All Stars 4.

Please don’t do anything like that again.
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