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EXCLUSIVE: Why Rob Mills’ Dancing With The Stars partner made him cry

"I was overwhelmed."
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Like so many in the arts, Rob Mills’ return to the stage followed an extended lockdown as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

While the talent is used to acting and singing, this time around, he donned his dancing shoes as he re-joined the cast of Seven’s Dancing With The Stars for its All Stars spin off.

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“It was just great to be back on stage,” he tells New Idea of his return. “Great to be seeing people other than my partner,” referring to his fiancée Georgie Tunny.

“No disrespect; we love each other very much. We were in lockdown in Melbourne for most of 2021, so it was great to be out of the house.”

A highlight of the singer’s time on the dance floor was “connecting” with his dance partner Alarna Donovan, whom he deems a “wonderful person”.

Rob Mills and his dance partner Alarna just missed out on entering the grand final. (Credit: Seven)

“She’s a real gift. I’ve never met someone so giving,” the Neighbours alum says, explaining how, on day one, the professional dancer brought him a gift bag filled with tanning products and Band-Aids.

“She was just the best and we are actually quite similar in a way. We both love promoting the crew and looking after everyone.”

He goes on to reveal that Alarna had won every competition she’s been a part of. “Except for this one,” he adds. “So there was a lot of pressure on me and I failed her.”

But a mirror ball is hardly at the front of the professional dancer’s mind at the moment as she prepares to welcome a child, with Rob revealing that she was pregnant during filming.

“She’s a real gift,” Rob said of his dance partner. (Credit: Instagram)

“We just sat down in rehearsal and she just sort of told me (she was pregnant),” the stage performer tells New Idea. “I balled my eyes out. After a year of not a lot of good in the world, I was overwhelmed with joy for her. And then also there was the pressure of: do not drop her.”

As for how Rob’s loved ones have reacted to seeing him on the dance floor, he confesses his family has yet to reach out.

“I got messages from friends and other people last night and then I was like, ‘Oh, my family didn’t message me’. It is the same time every Sunday, but that’s OK,” he jokes, adding that he’s sure they will watch it on catch-up.

“I’ll chat with my mum today,” Rob assures us. “They’ve been very supportive of me being in the arts for many years. I do a lot of gigs, so I don’t expect them to watch to watch everything.”

Rob announced he and Georgie were engaged on New Year’s Eve 2021. (Credit: Instagram)

While his time on the dance floor has come to an end, Rob confirms he’ll be taking the lessons with him in the future, particularly when it comes to his improved self-confidence.

“I definitely feel more comfortable in my body,” the actor tells us, adding that he wants to encourage more young boys to dance for the same reasons. I definitely am standing taller.”

Though, self-confidence aside, Rob may not keep up with Latin dancing – AKA: judge Helen Richey’s specialty.

“I preferred the ballroom stuff more than the Latin stuff,” he muses. “I feel very, very unsexy when I do Latin.”

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