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The Real Housewives of Sydney has been renewed for a second season

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Binge has confirmed that a new season of The Real Housewives of Sydney is on its way with production set to commence from May. 

The first season of the rebooted series premiered in October 2022, serving up plenty of entertainment as viewers followed the luxurious lives of seven glamorous women, and the drama that trailed them.

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The exciting news was confirmed on April 18th by Executive Director for BINGE and Commissioner for the Foxtel Group Alison Hurbert-Burns who simply said: “The ladies are back!”

“As the cameras roll and the champagne flows, we can’t wait to follow the adventures of the Sydney housewives this season and get a sneak peek into their glamorous and eventful lives.”

It remains to be seen which of these housewives will return. (Credit: Getty)

Born of the brainchild of Bravo, there’s no other reality TV franchise that has even come close to the pop culture phenomena that is the Real Housewives franchise. 

With almost 30 installments from across the globe, Aussie fans were treated to a local season of their own with The Real Housewives of Melbourne in 2014, followed shortly after by The Real Housewives of Sydney. 

Unfortunately, while the Melbourne spin-off returned with the usual fanfare for five seasons (with a sixth on the way), Sydney only saw one season make it to air back in 2016.

Krissy and Nicole were the only original “housewives” to return for the reboot. (Credit: Getty)

While the original run aired on Foxtel channel Arena, the reboot was commissioned by BINGE, some four years on from when the show was cancelled back in 2019. 

“A new generation of Sydney’s glamorous and wealthy women will welcome viewers into their homes and lives, to witness the friendships, fashion, social events, and drama,” a statement officially confirming the return of the show promised in 2022.

“We can’t wait to introduce Australians to the new group of Sydney housewives, in this reimagined series.”

Shortly after, an insider source confirmed to the Daily Mail that the new series would steer away from “fabricated catfighting”, in an attempt to bring a story to the screen that was “more real and honest.”

“Foxtel doesn’t want a repeat of the toxic drama from the first season. This reboot will be completely different with a lot of luxury and likeable ladies,” the source revealed. 

“Of course, there’s some conflict between the women, but nobody’s throwing wine or flipping tables. Viewers don’t want to see that anymore.”

Victoria Montano, Krissy Marsh and Caroline Gaultier. (Credit: BINGE/Ben Symons)

Who has been cast on The Real Housewives of Sydney season two?

The original series saw the likes of Athena X Levendi, Krissy Marsh, Nicole Gazal O’Neil, Lisa Oldfield, Victoria Rees, Matty Samaei, and Melissa Tkautz up the ante on the drama. 

But for the first season of the “reboot”, only Krissy and Nicole returned.

Kate Adams, Terry Biviano, Nicole O’Neil and Sally Obermeder. (Credit: BINGE/Ben Symons)

New Idea pet columnist Dr. Kate Adams was the first of five new housewives to be cast in the new season and was joined by businesswoman Terry Biviano, beauty queen Caroline Gaultier, fashionista Victoria Montano, and former TV host, and entrepreneur Sally Obermeder. 

Described as “sophisticated, chic, and fiercely intelligent” by the team at BINGE, fans fell in love with the cast as they showcased the glitz and glamour of Sydney high society. 

It does remain to be seen however if all seven housewives will be returning, or if any new housewives will be joining the fold.

The original cast of The Real Housewives of Sydney. (Credit: Getty)

When does The Real Housewives of Sydney season two premiere?

Given season of BINGE produced The Real Housewives of Sydney premiered in October, 2023, we expect season two will air around the same time in 2024.

Why was original The Real Housewives of Sydney cancelled after one season? 

According to reports, Foxtel’s Head of Television Brian Walsh cancelled the show after the extensive fighting, swearing and all-around catty behaviour, labelling the behaviour of the women cast as “too nasty” and “too extreme” for global audiences. 

“A lot of the women in this show were nasty for nasty’s sake and had no redeeming features,” he later added. 

Where can I watch The Real Housewives of Sydney?

Fans can tune in to The Real Housewives of Sydney season two on BINGE and Foxtel Now

Stream The Real Housewives of Sydney now on BINGE with a 7-day free trial. Subscribe here.


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