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Outrage over Sara and Hayden’s Block win

The reno show has created a major social media rumble.

They were hailed as the 2018 villains of Channel 9’s renovation reality TV show and now Sara and Hayden can add another title notch to their belt: The Block Australia 2018 winners.

And not everyone is happy. 

The pair notoriously clashed with contestants, Sara even threatened to quit the series so of course Twitter had very strong opinions over last night’s results – with many fans hoping Jess and Norm would win.

During Sunday night’s finale, the couple’s apartment sold for $3.02 million dollars — $545,000 over the reserve price — making them the winners of The Block for 2018.

Fans took to social media to speak out about the results. 

Coming in second place was South Australian couple Kerrie Charter and Spence Thomson. Their reserve was $2.45 million, their apartment sold for $2,850,000 – making them a pretty penny with $415,000.

Perth couple Courtney Brown and Hans Baumgartner came in third selling their apartment for $2,770,000. They made $410,000, after their reserve was $2.4 million.

Best friends Bianca Chatfield and Carla Dziwoki came in fourth, walking away with $301,000 when their penthouse sold for $2,991,000 (reserve, $2.70 million).

Fans were saddest that favourites Norm and Jess only mades $209,000 with their reserve of $2.65 million. Their penthouse sold for $2,859,000.

This season of the reno show saw the prize money add up to a huge $20,775,501.

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