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MKR Jess and Emma’s shock statement about Sonya and Hadil

A softer side was shown.

Last night’s argument between fashionable pals Sonya Mefaddi and Hadil Sadeq, and Sydney siblings Jess Alvial and Emma Byron was nothing short of explosive but after the incident, Jess has taken to Instagram to apologise for any aggression she showed on-air.

“Congratulations to Kim & Soung on their amazing score tonight, both safe teams absolutely deserve their spot in the finals,” she began.

“We want to apologise for our part in the drama that unfolded. We should not have engaged with any of the comments towards us. There is no excuse even if we were defending ourselves to act this way in another’s home.

“We don’t wish to add anymore to the situation and certainly will not play the victim card. The only people to feel sorry for are the other contestants who felt uncomfortable and the hosts who were disrespected.

“To our young followers this is not acceptable behaviour and there a better ways to resolve issues. Be kind and stop the hate, the horrible nasty comments towards the girls is not needed. mkr #respect #apology#sorry #nomorehate #sisters👭@kimsuongau @henryannaau#superdinnerparty #welldone

The situation, of course, included Hadil calling Jess a “blowfish” and Emma snapped back, “You look like Bubba Gump, seriously.” As a result, the  ceaseless rancour delayed Kim and Suong’s entree service by 10 minutes and culminated with Sonya pointing to all the contestants and declaring, “And I’ll come for you, and I’ll come for you, and I’ll come for you because you’re all disrespectful arseholes.”

As previously reported, the outbursts, judge Manu Feildel tells WHO, were “upsetting” and left him and Pete Evans no choice but to eject the pair from the table. “We were shocked at how Sonya and Hadil kept going full blast with comment after comment after comment,” he says. “I said to myself, ‘I think it’s time when you need to stop that. It’s gone too far.’” 

Fans have since responded with words of support for Jess and Emma. “You girls are the bigger people for walking away from the situation. keep being strong girls and fight for this comp, you deserve it just as much as everyone else.😍💞,” one wrote.

While another commented: “Keep your chins up girls. I hope you do well in the competition. You both have beautiful souls. No place for this type of bullying at all. I was surprised it wasn’t stopped earlier by the judges or producers. You guys put up with a fair bit of it.”

Sonia and Hadil are yet to make an official comment besides merely mentioning that there was more than meets the eye when it came to the on-screen fight.

This article originally appeared on WHO.

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