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MKR’s Andy and Ruby: Can they deliver?

Do they walk the talk?

It’s passionate Peruvians Andy and Ruby’s turn to cook in the MKR kitchen on Monday night, but will they deliver?

The super critical food bloggers have roasted nearly all of their opponents, but now it’s their turn will fail or rule the roost?

Columbian opponent Karita had her claws out on the night, after being harshly judged by her fellow latinos, but the rest of the contestants were blown away by their efforts. 

Channel 7
(Credit: Channel 7)

The night started in good humour when Andy and Ruby introduced their furry dinner guests, two llamas which they aptly named Josh and Austin ‘because they spit’ along with an impressive entree of fish and scallop cerviche. 

Judges Pete and Manu were particularly impressed with the dish scoring a 10 and 9 respectively. 

Next up was a traditional Peruvian rice dish with duck which looked as if it was going to fail, when the rice didn’t cook at the same time as the meat, leaving the skin not as crispy as it should be, yet Pete and Manu were so impressed with the flavours they still scored the dish a merit worthy 8. 

Channel 7
(Credit: Channel 7)

Next up was an ultra impressive dessert which included Peruvian ingredient Lucuma which the girls put in ice cream and served with Andy’s grandmother’s cookie recipe which left the judges drooling. 

Scoring the plate an impressive 10 took the girls straight to the top of the leaderboard with 110, knocking off frontrunners Blake and Amanda. 

Looks like these girls do actually walk the talk!

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