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My Kitchen Rules: Meet the teams of 2019

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While we’re still reeling from the last season of My Kitchen Rules that saw Alex and Emily beat out Kim and Suong for the coveted title, the MKR kitchen is already back again!

Going into its 10th season, MKR is coming back bigger an better than ever in 2019. 

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The landmark season of the Channel Seven series will test teams like never before with new challenges, new locations, new faces, new cuisines and new rewards, while a record number of perfect scores keeps every contender on their toes.

And, in a series first, can perfect strangers team up to win MKR?

Join judges Manu Feildel and Pete Evans as passionate home cooks from all over Australia compete for $250,000 and the title of MKR Champions for 2019.

Here are the teams we know!

The Friendly Pirates: 

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Meet Ash and Stacey – a couple from NSW. 

“I was at party and two blokes were fighting,” Ash tells his fellow team mates.

“I tried to push everyone apart and calm the situation down. The guy tried to hit the other guy with a glass but got me in the eye.”

The doctors kept giving me operations which kept me out of the surf and that was making me crazy.

“I said, ‘Get my eye out. I want to be back in the water.'”

The Mother And Son:

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This mother and son duo from the Aussie wine country is ready to take on the competition! 

“We do real home cook food,” the pair tells. 

“Family food.” 

“At the end of the day, we’re going in as a mother and son team which is far more important than competition.” 

The Perfect Strangers:

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For the first time ever, MKR is introducing a team of “perfect strangers.”

This pair had only one thing holding them back from entering the fiery cooking show – they didn’t have a partner.

Can a pair of strangers become MKR champions? 

MKR airs in 2019 on Seven. 

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