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My Kitchen Rules Winners: Where are they now?

Who’s thriving and who…isn't?
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Foodies unite! Channel Seven’s beloved cooking series My Kitchen Rules returns tonight.

Guest Nigella Lawson will be joined by returning judges, Manu Feidel and Colin Fassnidge for the thirteenth season.

WATCH NOW: MKR dinner & a drag show with a side of chicken schnitty. Article continues after video. 

Irish Australian chef Colin Fassnidge hinted at what we’re in for, describing this season’s MKR as the best one yet to Yahoo.

Expanding on how it’s different to the rest he said, “There’s a little bit of drama, you always need a little bit of drama.”

But not in a bad way don’t worry, “It’s like Christmas dinner at your house. But it’s one of the funniest years we’ve done this show.”

Veronica and Shadi
Veronica & Shadi were the first winners of MKR (Credit: Channel Seven)

Season 1: Veronica & Shadi (2010)

Brisbane couple Veronica and Shadi Abrahams clinched the crown in MKR’s dramatic first grand final all the way back in 2010.

Not only was it a nail biting finish, with the husband and wife just beating out Victoria’s Clint and Noah, but Seven was forced to rebroadcast the finale when a storm knocked out power to the metro area.

Following the show, the Abrahams opened Ave’ Cucina & Coffee Bar, but later sold the business to focus on family and their four children.

Sammy and Bella on Kitchen Rescue
Sammy and Bella hosted their own series for a while. (Credit: Facebook)

Season 2: Sammy & Bella (2011)

Sisters Sammy and Bella Jakubiak have been very successful since their win in 2011. 

The pair have made regular TV appearances and even hosted their own series called Sammy and Bella’s Kitchen Rescue.

Bella started her own catering company called Bella’s Feast and expanded the business into the ACT where she lives with her MAFS alum hubby James Webster. 

Not to be outdone, Sammy has appeared as a guest judge on the Polish version of MasterChef. She runs a popular deli in Sydney and appeared at the Good Food & Wine festival.

Leigh and Jennifer split
Leigh and Jennifer’s relationship did not survive the season. (Credit: supplied)

Season 3: Leigh & Jennifer (2012)

Let’s face it, we all love a messy split – and controversial winners Leigh Saxton and Jennifer Evans provided just that. 

Following the finale, Leigh revealed the two weren’t on speaking terms anymore

“I’d send her ‘Hello, how are you?’ texts or an email, and nothing would come back to me, and it’s really sad,” Leigh told our sister site Woman’s Day.

The lack of reply could have been because Jennifer’s personal life was in turmoil. In 2016 she split from her husband and firmly believes the show (and the fans) are to blame.

“I really struggled after MKR,” she said to Woman’s Day. “It definitely had something to do with the failure of our marriage because I hated myself after the show and began to doubt everything I did, which really frustrated Wayne, because he’s my biggest fan.”

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Dan and Steph
Dan and Steph say the show saved their marriage. (Credit: Instagram)

Season 4: Dan & Steph (2013)

On the opposite end of the spectrum are Dan and Steph Mulheron, who feel that MKR saved their marriage

The self-confessed underdogs of the 2013 season opened their own restaurant and published cookbook after cookbook.

They have now sold their restaurant EAT to spend more time with their proudest achievement, daughter Emmy who is turning eight this year. 

The pair returned to MKR in 2020 for The Rivals season.

Bree and Jess celebrate their win
Mum’s Bree and Jess continue their passion for cooking. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Season 5: Bree & Jessica (2014)

Despite rumours to the contrary, fan favourites and 2014 winners Bree May and Jessica Liebich are still BFFs.

Following the show Jess launched her own kitchen called Jessy’s Kitchen at Pepper Tree Aldinga, while Bree went on to launch her own catering business and luxury ketchup line.

WATCH BELOW: MKR’s Matt & Luke Dog’s Day Out

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Will and Steve
Will and Steve were nicknamed “The Gourmet Pommies”. (Credit: Instagram)

Season 6: Will & Steve (2015)

Following their win, “The Gourmet Pommies” Will Stewart and Steve Flood left the banking world behind to pursue their cooking careers.

The pair appeared regularly on Studio 10, consult at restaurants, and published a cookbook called Home Cook, Aspiring Chef. 

They later became ambassadors for RUOK after Will revealed he has suffered with anxiety and depression all his life.

Tasia and Gracia
Tasia and Gracia have their own catering company. (Credit: Instagram)

Season 7: Tasia & Gracia (2016)

For sisters Tasia and Gracia Seger, their time on MKR has been extra rewarding.

Fans of the duo rushed to book them when they opened their own catering company with one saying, “Tasia and Gracia were amazing, not only did they suggest a great menu, they also helped with decorations and brought in their own plates and cutlery to give us the MKR experience.”

Plus how could we forget their own restaurant which they co-own and are the chefs at Makan in Melbourne!

They also have their own merch line with aprons, sauces and chopping boards.

Amy and Tyson
Amy and Tyson have lead quiet lives. (Credit: Instagram)

Season 8: Amy & Tyson (2017)

Unlike some other winners, brother and sister duo Amy and Tyson Murr have pursued quieter lives since their time on MKR.

While Tyson followed his dream of becoming a chef, Amy returned to her previous career in HR.

On a personal note, Tyson tied the knot with his partner Kennie Merkley at a COVID-safe ceremony last year, before hosting a larger event with friends and family in Italy.

Alex and Emily
Alex proposed to Emily in LA. (Credit: Instagram)

Season 9: Alex & Emily (2018)

After their 2018 win, Alex Clark and Emily O’Kane took home $250,000 – and a whole lot of drama. 

Following filming, Emily spoke out against her characterisation on the show, particularly how it portrayed her relationship with Alex.

Things are evidently going well for the pair, as Alex proposed in 2019, and seem to be happy staying that way in the present.

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Mat and Luke with two puppies
Matt and Luke have big plans for the future. (Credit: supplied)

Season 10: Matt & Luke (2019)

Newcastle boys Matt Gawthrop and Luke Stewart returned to their regular jobs following their 2019 win but have plans to make cooking a permanent career. 

“We’re currently trying to work together on a few ideas we’ve had. There are a few little things in the pipeline. We are keen to stick with our passions and see if we can integrate food into the things that we love to do already,” Luke told New Idea.

Going on to tour around foodie Australia like Maitland Taste Festival and present The Kitchen Stage.

Jake and Elle celebrate their win
Jake and Elle’s winnings will go back into their business. (Credit: Instagram)

Season 11: Jake & Elle (MKR: The Rivals, 2020)

The second time’s the charm for 2020 winners Jake and Elle, who faced off against Dan and Steph to win the MKR: The Rivals season. 

It was a bittersweet moment for the siblings, who couldn’t be together to watch the final due to COVID-19. 

However, they say the prize money has been a godsend for their business Jake & Elle’s Kitchen following the madness of the pandemic. 

Janelle and Monzir at their pop-up restaurant. (Credit: Instagram)

Season 12: Janelle and Monzir (2022)

Before they filmed MKR, Janelle and Monzir’s families didn’t know they were in an interracial relationship for almost two years.

Fast forward a year later after winning over Australia’s hearts and tummies in 2022, they have officially won over their parent’s hearts as well! Spotted cooking with their families together on Instagram.

From Monzir’s mum cooking with their own brand of Monzelle’s Agashe (a traditional Sudanese spice) to Janelle’s mum helping out in their pop-up kitchen!

After being in a relationship for four years now, check back for (fingers crossed) marriage proposal news.

Watch the first episode of the 13th season of MKR tonight at 7:30 pm on Channel Seven and 7Plus.

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